Friday, February 26, 2010

New Must Haves

Remember this post way back when about my favorite baby items?  You know when my little man was still an itty bitty teeny weeny.  Well, some things have changed since then, and I thought it would be fun to do a new must have baby post.  I will say these are my new must haves for babys 4 months-6 months. 

1.  Mesh Feeder- So fun to let Caleb eat with.  He is still getting the hang of it, but he loves it ohh so much.

2.  Baby Puffs/Baby food.  Caleb loves to eat!! We started him on solids at 4 months, and have had no problem at all.  He opens his mouth and eats so fast. You basically have to shovel in the food.

3.  Good Start Protect Plus Formula.  Switching the formula was rough for this momma. I wanted oh so bad to be able to breast feed for the long haul, but what can I say, "My Boobs Suck". I was so sad when they stopped producing milk.  Anyway, it took us about 7 formulas to find one that worked for Caleb. We used Similac for a while, but it started messing with his belly.  Good Start (Green Can), has been wonderful.

4.  Tummy time mat/All the toys you can find.  Caleb loves to play with everything now! His new love is my cell phone or the remote, but we try to distract him with his own toys.  He will go from one toy to another to another. It is so cute to watch him try to figure out what they will do.  He is so into playing with his toys that he has absolutely no interest in crawling or rolling :).

5.  Baby Bath Tub.  I hated my tub at first because Caleb was so itty bitty that he did not fit well in it.  The first two months of his life I basically got into the big tub with him and bathed him, because it was so much easier. Now he fits in his tub so well, and bath time is so much fun.

6.  A Boppy Pillow: How did I live through the newborn stage without this.  I did not purchase one until Caleb was 4 months, and let me just tell you I use it all the time!! Love it!

7.  His Movement Monitor.  This was mentioned in my first post and I still use it every night!! #1 recommended item from this momma for sure!

8. Jumparoo and Exersaucer=LOVE!!

9. Highchair.  Caleb loves to sit and play with his toys in his highchair. I move it from room to room with me when I am cleaning, and he stays content.  We were given this highchair, and I have learned to accept anything for free when it comes to babies. He absolutely loves it!!

What we do not use much anymore:

1.  His beloved swing and bouncy seat. They got us through the first three months, but he has little interest for them anymore.

2.  Bassinet:  We were done with this by 3 months, and we all sleep so much better now.  We had no problem with the transition, in fact Caleb sleeps wonderfully in his crib.

3.  Swaddle Blankets: After almost 4 months of being swaddled every night Caleb is now swaddle free.  That was a transition, but I still recommend them for younger babies. 

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Beth said...

Can you explain how to use the mesh thingy? I got one as a shower gift and DS is teething but don't really know how to use it....

happygal said...

Oh we loved the mesh feeders when our kids were little too. This is a great list for moms of little ones.

Here through FF and am your newest follower!

Molly (also a mom of a Caleb)

Mom et al said...

Although it didn't get used all that often, I loved (past tense as it's probably seen it's last use) our pack 'n' play.

One of the best baby inventions ever! Safe, portable, crib that sets up in seconds.

I'm your newest Friday Follower!

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Letherton said...

The mesh feeders we like the best invention. How many times it saved a crying fit I cant tell you.

Trista's Barn said...

Following you from Friday Follow. I am at
Have a great weekend!

Betsy ( said...

He's so cute!! I always took one month pictures of my kids on the same blanket. Your pictures brought back memories!

Happy Friday Follow!

Darcy said...

oh such a cutsie blog! I will be back...
Stopped by from Friday Follow.

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I love my boppy. I'm a new follower from FF. You can find me blogging here:

Elizabeth Taylor said...

don't you just love those mesh feeders... we put everything in there!