Friday, February 5, 2010

Stranger=It's Time to Scream

The time comes in all babies lives when they realize that there are other people in the world other than mommy and daddy, and that mommy and daddy are the only people that they want to hold them.  Caleb has learned this new fact, and is using his vocal cords to his advantage at this point in time.  Up until this point my baby has been so carefree, he did not mind to be passed around, and he was fine allowing anyone to hold him.  That is not the case anymore. Stranger anxiety/Separation anxiety has popped up its ugly head in my little babies mind.  Let me just tell you about yesterdays events.

Yesterday was Caleb's 1/2 birthday as you all know, and unfortunately that was also the day that this momma scheduled his 6 month check up.  Of course, I was worried going into the appointment because I knew he would cry from his shots, but I had no idea how bad this appointment would be.  All things started well, we checked in and he smiled and flirted with the receptionist.  He grabbed at my pen and cooed as I filled out his new paperwork, and he smiled as we walked back into the room after only a 3 minute wait! (can I get a Waa Hoo).  However, things were about to take a turn for the worst.

The nurse, the same nurse we have every time asked me to strip him down to his diaper, and Caleb laughed as I did so, and then she informed me she was going to take him to be weighed.  This is the only room we have ever been in without a scale in it, but she carried my baby down the hall to the scale.  All of a sudden I hear SCREAMING coming from my little man, and I rush out into the hall to see her carrying him back with tears running down his face.  I of course reach out and grab him and calm him down.  Then she has to lay him down on the doctor table to measure him and his head.  Screaming and pouting to mommy occur.  I then said "Oh baby boy, this is going to be a bad visit".  After the nurse walks out I scooped up little man, cuddled, kissed, and played with his toy with him.  I had just gotten him happy again when the doctor entered.

Last doctors visit Caleb loved playing with the doctor as he was being checked.  This time that was  not so.
The doctor flashed the light to see if Caleb was still tracking, that was fun for Caleb.  He used the stethascope to check his breathing and heart, and Caleb was able to play with the cord so that was fine with him.  However, when the doctor reached out to take him out of my arms all HE** broke loose, and the check-up then continued with Caleb sitting on my lap.  Every time the doctor would reach out to check Caleb he would scream.  As if that wasn't bad enough the doctor then discovered when checking his pee-wee that I had not been pulling the head back far enough when I cleaned it, and that it was trying to refuse itself together.  I felt like a horrible mom because I thought I had been pulling it back enough, but I do not have a pee wee, and I didn't quite understand that I was doing something wrong.  Hubby is now assigned the task of checking this little problem every night.  Anyway, back to the story.  The doctor then proceeded to pull back my babies pee wee's skin until it was once again red and bloody looking just like when he was first circumcised.  Yes you heard me he did this with my baby on my lap screaming and crying, and I wanted none other than to scream and cry with him.  I have now been instructed to use Vaseline once again until it heals and make sure I pull it all the way back from now on.  Please God allow me to understand what my sons pee-wee head is suppose to look like so I do not have to submit him to this torture once again.  The doctor then just needed to sit Caleb down to make sure he was sitting fine.  Caleb was in complete protest of this but he did sit for a minute.

After all this the doctor leaves, mean nurse reappears to give the dreaded shots. As if my baby had not had enough already. I mean the doctor basically ripped his pee-wee off less than 5 seconds ago.  Anyway, she gives Caleb the oral vaccine, and he is fine with that because my baby loves to eat.  I then lay my head beside him and cuddle up his arms to try to comfort him while she injects him with pain.  It didn't work. He screamed worse than ever before, grabbed at my face, and turned red from holding his breath.  I scooped him up asap, and tried to calm him down.  This took 5 minutes.  We then finished getting dressed and left the mean doctors office to come cuddle at home. 

Today, I was oblivious to the impending snow storm and realized I needed to run the grocery. It was raining and cold so I called my neighbor to see if she could watch Caleb for me. He has stayed there before, and has always been fine.  Not today, she said he screamed the entire time.

Hey at least he is happy with me. 



Ashley said...

I think Kaidence is slowly starting to get the seperation anxiety. She only does it now when she's tired though.
God love Caleb. I know his little manliness has to hurt now.

Christa said...

Oh I am not looking forward to that at all!