Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grr This Snow

I am in a mood today friends.  Not a bad mood, just a "I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get out of this house mood".  This darn snow storm has ruined all my weekend plans and taken my hubby away in the process.  My hubster plows snow when there is a big storm, and even though it is great money, I miss having him here. I mean he left at midnight last night and he is still not home :(.  We were suppose to hang out with two of my work friends last night and have a Dawsons Creek Margarita night.  Yes you heard me, we were going to subject our loves to hours upon hours of Dawsons Creek (I have every season), and have some tasty drinks in the process. However, snowstorn 2010 hits, and my hubby is swept away, and all of our plans go to poo. 

Today, hubby and I had planned to go shopping and find home decorations.  I need his input on picking everything out, but that also will not be happening.  Hubby will arrive home in about an hour, exhausted, and will probably fall asleep soon after even if he tries to stay awake :(.  I am just about to go crazy. I mean there is nothing on tv, nothing to do on the computer (no blog updates ever on Saturday to look at), and I have checked facebook probably 1 million times already.  I need to get out, but I am to scared to drive in the snow. 

Caleb has not even really kept me to busy today. He slept till 9:30, fell back asleep at 11:30, woke up at 12:30, ate, and fell back asleep from 1-3:30. He ate, and now he is sleeping again.  Maybe a growth spurt?  In that time I have cleaned, rearranged my laundry room, and ate probably to many times.  During Calebs wake time we have rolled a lot, sat up on our own while playing with toys, and put fine motor skills to work.  He has mastered pushing down the animals on this toy. 

Bella decided she would help

That is amazing fine motor skills if you ask me. I mean it takes a lot to figure out that you have to let go of the monkeys head before you can close it back.  Aww he growing up on me.  Hopefully, I will find something fun to do in this house tonight blogger friends.  Please God, melt the snow, and allow us to be able to get out of the house and have fun :). 



Kimberly said...

oh Sarah I feel the same way! cabin fever. My husband has been gone all week - just got home from Texas and he will probably be on the couch in a few minutes. I really have not much to say on my blog - I made cupcakes today! I guess I can blog about that. My dog is whiney - I think he has cabin fever too!

Meant to be a mom said...

Our snow isn't as bad as yours I'm sure, but it just keeps snowing here too. I'm soooo sick of it.

I love all the pics. What a smart baby boy he is.

I left you an award on my blog.

Dimes2Vines said...

We have had alot of snow here in west Texas so I understand how you feel!

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