Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Must Haves

I have read various blogs in which mommas list their baby must haves. I always found this very helpful during my pregnancy when I was trying to decide what items I absolutely needed.  I thought I would take the time to include my baby must haves :). 

1.  Graco Snugride Carseat.  I orginally had registered for the Graco travel system with carseat and stroller. However, we ended up just getting the carseat, which I have found to be a blessing now.  Caleb loves his carseat!

2. I was happy we did not get our Graco stroller because it is actually heavier than I had realized, and I think it could have been to much to handle.  However, one of our good friends got us a Combi stroller, and I love love love it!! It is so lightweight and easy to handle! Caleb loves it as well.  I can grab it with one hand out of the trunk, and it takes literally three seconds to unfold and fold back (once you figure out how to do it to bein with. I had trouble at first :)).

3. Kiddopotamus Swaddle Blanket.  Caleb has slept wrapped in a swaddle blanket since we brought him home from the hospital.  He does not like his arms swaddled but loves the rest of his body wrapped up. Perfect way to keep their feet warm during the night if you have gown on them. Caleb is just now fitting into socks and starting to keep them on so socks were not an option when we first brought him home.

4. Gracco Angel Care Movement Monitor.  I do not know about you mommas out there but I am TERRIFIED by the thought of SIDS.  I would be one of those mommas sitting and staring at their babies bellies while they slept if it were not for this monitor.  It is placed under the mattress of the babies bed, and when you turn it on it begins monitoring their breathing movement.  If movement does not occur for 20 seconds then an alarm is sent off.  It gives me so much peace of mind, and it is definitely worth the money.

5. Bassinet.  This is not a picture of the bassinet that we have, but I love having a bed for him in our room.  It is so easy in the first months to have your baby right beside you for nighttime feedings, and to soothe them when they wake up upset.

6.  Similac advanced formula.  Since mommy milk no longer works I have searched and searched formulas to find the perfect one for Caleb.  After various test runs with other formulas Similac advanced seems to work best with his little belly.

7. Swing and bouncy seat. AMAZING.  Our neighbor let us borrow her baby swing, and Caleb absolutely loves it.  He will sit in it for as long as I let him while I am cleaning or getting ready.  I also love our Gracco Bouncy Seat.  It is so convinient to move from room to room with you when you are cleaning and the baby wants to be able to see you.  Also when I am home alone I always put Caleb in it and take it into the bathroom with me while I shower.

8.  Pampers Swaddle Diapers. My favorite by far! We have tried a couple of other brands but these are our favorite! I also love love love the smell of them when you first open the package. However, I am interested in trying the Target diapers because I have heard good things.

9.  Mam binkys! Only binky Caleb will take so far!

10. Target has a travel bed that I believe is a must have. I could not find a picture of it, but we keep it in our trunk and take it with us when we stay over night at places.  Smaller than a pack n play and perfect for young infants. It literally looks like a small bag and is so lightweight.  It unfolds into a bed that you can place on the floor.

11. I Love You Forever book. This book puts Caleb to sleep or at least calms him down when he is fussy automatically.  Also you need a rocking chair or glider to rock babies in.

12. Medela bottles.  I breastfed a month and these bottles came with my pump.  I love love love them.  Caleb took to them and their nipples instantly, and he hardly ever gets an upset stomach from gas bubbles. 

13.  Footed sleepers and bibs.  You can honestly never have enough.

14. Mirror for the backseat of the car. It is great to be able to look in your rearview mirror and see your little one. Gives you peace of mind when you are traveling alone.

Hope this helped.  If any of you mommas out there have any more must haves that you think I should know about I would love to hear.


Lea Liz said...

We love mam pacis!! We love our mirror!! We love footed pjs!!!!! :)

Katie said...

Totally agree with you on the Pampers swaddlers, the SwaddleMe blanket, and the Medela bottles! Can I copy you and post this topic on my blog? : )

The Gardella's said...

Go for it girl!! All mommas need advice!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

great list! we love pampers diapers too & that stroller looks so neat! we did get the graco travel system & still use the stroller. it IS very heavy tho but i always travel with so much stuff so i love all the little pockets & compartments all over it! hehe

Jennifer Harris said...

I found your link through the Bridges blog and love your list. We bought the Angelcare monitor and I don't think I could have lived without that added security. We also love the car mirror, Swaddlers, Mam pacis(only one our boy will take too) and my little boy still sleeps in his footed jammies every night and he's almost 1!

Your Caleb is precious!

Todd and Courtney said...

cute cute cute! Caleb is so precious! And Pampers are the best!!!