Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obviously 2 Day Shipping no Longer Exists

These beautiful eyes are BACK, and we are soo excited about that.

Sorry for the dissapearance bloggy friends. I mean we were gone for over a week with no explanation at all. I know you all wanna hear my vent of a tale of why that is soo right??? :)

It all started last week when my hubbys computer completely crashed. It is so done and gone friends.  Anyway, when Syd was a puppy she chewed my laptop power cord, and we had not used my laptop for a long time.  We pull it out, hubby rigs it up to where it will turn on.  Only if you held it in the same position and did not move your hands at all.  God forbid you try to type, and the computer would die! Long story short, we needed a new power cord.

I found a cheap power cord on Amazon.  On dell.com they were 60 dollars, but I found one on Amazon for 5.74.  I two-day shipped it and I was so excited about the great deal I found.  This was last Tuesday. Come Thursday, there was no computer cord, so I callled Amazon.  This is how the conversation  went..

Me: Yes, I  wanted to know the status of an order I placed on Tuesday. It was suppose to be shipped via 2 day shipping and it is not here.

Amazon: Yes, it looks like your order was shipped today and should be there Monday.

Me: I paid for two day shipping, and it is being shipped on the day it should have arrived. Is there anything I can do about that?

Amazon: You can log onto your account online and contact the seller.

Me: My computer will not turn on right now, that's why I ordered a cord. Do you have a phone number where I can contact the seller for a refund?

Amazon: No there is no number, but you can e-mail them on your account online.

Me: I can't get onto my computer to get online.

Amazon: Well, when you can you can contact the seller.

UGHHH!! It took 1 week for the cord to get here, but I have it and the computer is up and running again.  I am so excited to be able to reconnect this week.

More posts with pictures to come :) Possibly 2 posts in one day :).



Stephanie Hartman said...

YAY for the power cord....I know your so excited to finally get it I know I would be..

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