Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rub a Dub-Dub

Today was such a relaxing day at home. The first three days of Caleb's life were filled with visitors, and hospitals, and learning how to care for our new little one. However, today we just spent a day at home with our little man, and it was wonderful. Last night Caleb became cranky when we first put him to bed. After laying there listening to him cry for about 20 minutes I could not take it anymore. I can't bear to let my baby try to self soothe and fall back asleep off, and would cry from bea ll alone in his bassinet. He kept kicking his blankets ing cold. I asked Nick to run to the nursery and grab his swaddle blanket, and let me tell you it worked wonders. He only woke up one time last night after he spit up, and then I had to wake him up the second time to eat. He even slept in this morning. Such a good baby boy. All day long he has just cuddled and loved on us. In fact, he hasn't really cried at all except for diaper changes and a little during his VERY FIRST SPONGE BATH AT HOME. We have our follow up check up with the hospital tomorrow morning, and so we had to clean our little boy up. We gathered all the materials we would need, and took our knowledge from the demonstration in birthing class, and cleaned our little boy up. He cried through a little of it, but all in all I think he enjoyed it. He was all cleaned up and I was washing the remaining part of his bottom, and then he began squirting poop. It was soo funny. I sat there with a washcloth on his little bottom catching the poop and laughing. Ohhh little babies are soo funny.


Lea Liz said...

adorable!! I just can't get over how cute he is!! Brody HATED sponge baths too, I think they get cold but as soon as their little umbilical cord falls off they love baths in there little tubs!!!!!

Abby said...

Good for you all - those days when it's just "your little family" are the best!

Sounds like you are taking a very relaxed approach to parenting, poop and all :D That's the best way to be.