Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A HAPPY GOOD MORNING TO YOU. Sorry for the happiness this early in the morning for all you non morning people. However, I have an announcment.......ready......CALEB SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! We have been trying to implement Baby Wise, and he wasn't taking to well the the "nap times" yesterday. He likes to cuddle to fall asleep. So, I have to admit I was worried about last night. However, I changed his diaper and put him in his pj's at around 10:30. I then read him two stories and he fell asleep in my arms. Generally when we put him down he will wake up and cry, but I walked him to the bassinet, turned on the monitor and waited. NO CRYING just a sleeping baby boy. AHHHHHH I was soo happy. I got him up at 1 for his feeding and he did not wake up. I placed him back in the bassinet after I changed his diaper, and waited. NO CRYING just sleeping baby boy. The doctor had told me to try 4 hours in between his night time feedings unless he woke me up before. I sat my alarm for 5, and he woke me up right at 5 with a little wimper. He was wide awake during his feeding, and soo cute I might add with those big blue eyes. I was worried that he would not fall back asleep, but he ate 3 OUNCES...big deal for him. Cuddled with me while I burped him, looked at me while I changed him, and then when I layed him down he fell right back to sleep and slept until we got him up this morning. THis makes for a happy mommy and baby.

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