Sunday, August 30, 2009

In the Deep Dark HIlls of Eastern Kentucky

Caleb and I are home from our trip to Eastern Kentucky. We had an amazing time visiting family and friends. All in all I did okay packing for a newborn and having everything ready to go. We only had 6 bags, a swing, monitor etc etc etc. Packing for an infant is sooo different. I stuck to original plan and left immediately after Caleb ate. We stopped one time at a gas station to fill up, have a diaper change and let momma use the restroom. We then began our journey to the mountains. On the way to my hometown you travel a road called the Mountain Parkway. Exits on this road are few and far between. Caleb decided to have an emotional breakdown in between two exits (20 miles to the next). He was screaming because he was ready to eat, and I was behind a car going about 10 below the speed limit. I sat in the car singing, and talking trying to calm my baby until I could pull over at an exit and feed him. Finally we made it to the exit, the boy was fed, and we started on our way again. He did not break down again until we were about 10 minutes from my house. I pulled over at a gas station and gave him his beloved binky and all was good again. (Since this trip we have invested in a mirror that allows me to see baby boys face in the backseat). The trip at home was a great time. He was able to meet a close family friend and her husband. Two of his great aunts and uncles, and he met Uncle Mark, Aunt Libby, and Matt. Matt was home and is home from Atlanta for good. He will begin therapy at Central Baptist in Lexington this week, and will be living there at his house. Matthew is one of Caleb's middle names. Matt held him and rubbed his foot it was soo sweet. He even told me he would help me change his diaper, but I didn't hold him to that. On the way home Caleb did amazing. We were planning to stop in Lexington and see my little sis at her apartment. Caleb was sound asleep until we hit Man o War. He then began breaking down, and I can tell you Man o War never seemed so long. We made it to Auntie K's apartment though, and Caleb got his tummy filled and was greeted with lots of hugs and snuggles. When I arrived home I was greeted by my hubby, and a doggy who is very much in heat. Somewhere in between being pregnant, and having little Caleb we forgot to have Sydney spay, and now we are dealing with a bleeding puppy. Our solution........

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Lea Liz said...

The picture of your dog is so cute with it's little undies

I'm glad Claeb did pretty good on the trip.. but when they are hungry watch out!! It is still like that!! I have a mirror to see Brody and I love it!