Monday, August 17, 2009

Mighty Monday

Hello all. I might have missed last weeks Mighty Monday because of my new little bundle. I might try to make up for it today.

These past two weeks just might have been the most amazing weeks of my life.
I might just be totally and completely head over heels in love with my little monkey man.

This past weekend I might have freaked out and called the pediatrician because Caleb's poop looked red and I thought he was dying. The pediatrician might have told me that baby's can have red poop when they are breast fed and to call in the morning if it continued. He might be tired of first time momma freak outs I'm sure.

I might have spent four hours in the ER on Saturday getting checked for blood clots in my left leg. They might just run in my family after childbirth. Two shots of a painful blood thinner in the belly, and one ultrasound later, I might just have no signs of blood clots. I might be super excited about that because I did not want to be hospitalized and have to leave my little man.

I might of had to leave my little one for the first time to go to the ER, and I might have cried a lot on the inside.

My daddy and sister just might have come to visit us yesterday. We might have gone to eat at two different restaraunts because my sister only wanted Panera Bread, and my dad and I wanted Italian. It might have been a really fun time though.

Nick and I might have given Caleb his first big boy bath last night. He just might be the cutest baby in the world. He might not have liked it too much though. His favorite part is still having water poured over his head.

Caleb might have pooped in his towel while I was rocking him waiting for daddy to fix the bath water. I might have giggled, and grabbed a new towel.

I might have a pile of dirty baby laundry to do today, including poopy towels and blankets. However, I might just be cuddling with my little man right now and I do not want to put him down.

He might be pooping while I am holding him as we speak. I might just wait until he is for sure finished before I change him.

I might be reading Baby Wise, and trying to get Caleb to follow the eat, wake, nap schedule. However, he might like to eat then sleep with no wake time. He might just like to be awake at 11 when mommy and daddy are trying to go to bed. I might feel guilty letting him try to self soothe himself in the bassinet, however, I might know from previous experience in child care that babies need to learn how to do so.

Bella might have semi cuddled with Caleb last night before bed time. That was the closest she has been to him so far.

We might have finally made it to church yesterday for the first time, and Caleb might have just been an angel baby.


Lea Liz said...

he is so precious!! You look so great!!

Jerrica said...

Sarah, Caleb is such a dollbaby!! I'm so happy he's doing so great at home!! And you look absolutely beautiful!!! :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

you look too cute in that bottom pic with your son! i wish i looked that good that soon after havin rylie! haha