Monday, August 24, 2009

Mighty Monday

Happy Monday....well almost Tuesday.
I might have decided that Caleb and I are going to visit my hometown this week. We might be leaving tomorrow morning and staying until Friday morning.
I might be a little nervous about traveling alone with an infant, but my hubby might just have to work this week.
I might have spent all day cleaning, and packing for this trip. I have packed an enormous amount of clothing for Caleb, since we seem to have a lot of accidents that cause us to have multiple clothing changes a day. I might have packed multiple bags for him including a bag completely devoted to diapers and wipes.
I might still have to pack bottles, my breast pump and formula tomorrow morning plus give my little man a bath, and time his feeding perfectly. It takes approximately 3 1/2 hours to get to my hometown. I am hoping that he can hold off to eat again until we get there.
I might hope that he sleeps tonight so we can leave first thing in the morning. If he decides not to sleep then we may leave a little later in the day so I can nap first.
I might just be sad to leave my hubby for three days :(. I might wish he could just forget about work and come with me.
I might be excited to show my little man off to family members in my hometown who have not met him yet.
I might not be able to blog until I return.
My baby boy might have diaper rash that we are having trouble getting rid of. Any advice?
Beth and Neil and soon to be baby Jaxson came to visit last night. Caleb might be ready to meet and play with baby Jaxson.
Blair might have baby Ashton this week, and that is so exciting. Caleb's friend will finally be here.
This past weekend we might have attended a family graduation party, and Caleb might have met his baby cousin Emma Lee.
I might have played poker this weekend, and had my FIRST GLASS OF WINE since November. I might have felt the affects of the wine very quickly. My hubby might have stayed up with little man that night :).
I might hope that all of you have an amazing week.


pgardella said...

He'll be hungry in the middle of the trip. Always happens.

It happen for us so often that we can point out the places we stopped for Devin on the way to and from Ft. Thomas visiting home. Macedonia Baptist Church somewhere in western Maryland stands out as one of the more prominent ones. We've spent quite a few hours waiting for him to eat in that parking lot...

But enjoy it, since they grow up so fast. Devin is learning how to drive now...

Lea Liz said...

I bet he will do fine in the drive! When Brody was htat little, once he got in his car seat and int he car he slept so soundly!!!! You do have to get hte timting just right, I still do..hahaHe is precious!! I se ehe likes MAM pacis, thats all Brody will still take!! Have a gaet trip!!!

The Gardella's said...

thank you for letting me know what kind of paci it was. I had no idea, and I really need to get some more.

Lea Liz said...

Those pacis were Brody's favorite and still are!!!
I loved Merrick.. that was my first time eating there it was so good! I got the wedge salad and the almond crusted chicken!! yummy