Monday, August 3, 2009

Mighty Monday

This just might be my LAST might Monday before Caleb. I might just be super excited about that.
This might be my last night as a mother-to-be. AHHH That just might be a bit surreal.
I might get to meet my baby boy tomorrow!!!!!!!
I might be more afraid of the IV than any other part of labor. People might have told me that I was crazy because of this fact, but I might not be able to help it.
It might just be the craziest feeling ever knowing that I am going to be in labor tomorrow. I might not know what to expect.
I might just be asking that you all PRAY for me, Caleb, and hubby. Pray that I stay healthy all throughout labor, and that baby Caleb is born healthy and perfect as well. I might just appeciate it more than I can express if you all keep us in your prayers tomorrow.
I might have planned to include a bunch of pictures in this post. However, hubby and I might just be finishing our to do list, and therefore, I have not got around to taking all the pictures I want.
We might still be taking my last belly pictures tonight.
I might be taking my computer to the hospital tomorrow, and I might be planning to keep you all informed with the labor process, and of course add pictures of Caleb when he arrives. I will try try try not to neglect the blog even if I just have time to add one picture. I might always stalk people's blogs to see pictures of the new baby when I know they are in labor.
I might not be able to sleep tonight because I am soo excited. It might feel like Christmas Eve to me, only I am a little more excited.
We might have completely finished the nursery tonight, and it might look amazing.
All of our bags might already be packed and ready to go.
I might just ask you all to pray for us again.


Pretty Personal Gifts said...

My prayers go out to you and your family. I always bite my knuckle when getting an IV. It distracts me. Hope all goes well! The nursery looks wonderful.

pgardella said...

Our prayers are always with you.

Patrick and Carol

Lea Liz said...

Thinking about you this morning!! Prayers to you on a safe and wonderufl labor and elivery and the brith of your sweet baby boy!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

The Dimino's said...

I LOVE his nursery!!!!! You did an awesome job!!!