Monday, August 31, 2009

Mighty Monday

Happy Monday...I thought I would dedicate this entry to all the things I MIGHT have learned so far about being a mommy.

I might now know a love that is beyond what I ever imagined.
I might now know not to trust people when they say you will not need too many newborn clothes or diapers because the baby will outgrow them too quickly. Due to me believing this Nick, Caleb and I might have ventured to Once Upon a Child yesterday to find warm newborn clothing that Caleb can wear to church. The only long sleeve outfits he had were sleepers, and we needed something more fancy. All of Caleb's clothing above newborn might be huge on him, and I might think that he is going to stay in newborn diapers forever.

I might believe that it is more difficult than I originally thought to get a newborn on a eat wake sleep schedule. Newborns might just love to sleep after they eat, and it might be hard to get them to wake up.

I might be giving into the fact that my teets are drying up. I might feel great about giving Caleb mommy milk for one month, and I might be contimplating when to move strictly to formula. I might not know much about formula though so if you have any advice I would appreciate it. What kind worked best for your baby, any money saving tips etc etc.

I might be a little sad that my mommy milk is going away though because it might of made me feel great to know that I could feed my little man.

I might now understand that leaving the house with an infant has to be a planned event. Getting up and going on a whim is not possible.

I might have learned that if you place the clean diaper under the dirty one before you change the baby that it cuts back on number of times your baby pees on you. I might understand that Caleb is still going to pee and poop on me at times though.

I might have learned that if you go ahead and change a baby's diaper before a night time feeding and not after that the baby generally falls immediately back to sleep. Key word Generally.
I might love binkys but at the same time they might be bad when the baby is trying to fall asleep and binky falls out of their mouth. Then you find yourself pondering "Do I put the binky back in the mouth or not"???? (this is happening to me right now). Any advice?

I might have learned that Wal Mart generic diapers are not a choice for us. For the time being Pampers Swaddlers are our choice (but expensive). Any good brands any mommas have found out there?

I might have learned to have two middle of the night bottles ready in the bedroom with you for when baby wakes up. Cuts back on crying time, and helps put baby back to bed quickly.

I might have learned that hubby's do not immediately wake up to the stirring sounds of a newborn. They wait until baby is screaming to respond. Mommas wake up immediately.

I might have learned that there is nothing you can do about newborn acne except wait it out.
I might have learned to pack and pack and pack some more when leaving home. You can never over pack when it comes to clothing, blankets, burpys etc for a baby. NEVER.

I might be confused on when Caleb will actually be one month old. He will be four weeks on he a month then? Or will it be Friday the 4th since he was born August 4th?? I need to know so I know when to post about him turning one month haha.

I might have learned that Desitin works wonders on diaper rash. Highly recommend it.

Caleb might have smiled at me mutiple times this morning while I was playing with him. I might have decided that there is nothing more precious than your baby smiling at you.

I might have learned that Caleb is the best thing that every happened to me, and that I am blessed beyond words to have him in my life.

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NancyRG said...

"I am blessed beyond words to have him in my life."

I might have to agree with you!!