Thursday, August 6, 2009

Labor of Love

I just want to begin by saying that yesterday my world changed forever. I now know a love that is so undescribable, and incredible that I have never experienced before. A love so instantaneous but so real. I am the happiest person of all time right now, and my baby boy is sooo perfect. I am cherishing every moment spent with this little cuddly monkey, and loving every minute.
I know I was always interested to read of others labor stories, and therefore, I thought I would let you know mine. Yesterday we arrived at 6:30 for induction. I was more afraid of the IV that morning than anything else, even though it was a rush of many emotions knowing what the day would bring. at around 7 they began my IV which I believe was the WORST part. At around 8 the doctor came in and broke my water....that does not hurt at all. I then sat in bed with my sister and hubby and watched Big Daddy. During this time I began feeling some pretty consistent contractions. Nothing awful or unbearable, but they were all that I wanted to experience. I wussed out pretty quick and asked for the epidural. My philospophy was why feel pain when I don't have to. I have to admit I was nervous about the epidural, but let me tell you...I barely even felt it. The nurses kept me busy talking and the worst part was the numbing shot before they actually did the epidural. I highly recommend it to anyone, and let me tell you it is NOTHING to be afraid of. Soon after that it began to kick in, and I could not feel anything. In fact the entire right side of my body felt like your lips do after getting them numbed at the dentist. My left side was numb as well, but I could still feel touch to it. The doctor checked me and I was at 4 centimeters....a couple of hours later I was 8. During this time we played cards to pass the time. Then they came in to check me once more and the nurse said "There is his head"...and the girls that were in the labor room with me got to take a peak. The nurse told me I was 10 centimeters and that we were going to begin pushing. She had me convinced that it would just take a few pushes because his head was already crowning. So I went into the first few pushes with a mighty effort. I had my mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, sister-in-law, and my hubby in the room. I was a lot less bashful than I thought I would be. Anyway, I began pusing, and shortly after she realized that Caleb has his head turned slightly to the side. She began trying to get him to turn his head, but did not succeed. The doctor tried as well with not success. I continued to push and push and push....for 2 hours. I was in very good spirit but I began to become frustrated toward the 2 hour point, and I was desperate to get him out. I had been using a mirror to give me a visual of the head coming down in hopes that I could push harder. However, no matter how hard I pushed he was just not coming out. I kept saying "I'm sorry" and everyone was laughing telling me I had nothing to be sorry about. Finally, the doctor decided to use a vaccum and he had to cut me a little, but with 6 back to back pushes, a cut, and a couple of sucks from the vaccum my baby was out and in my arms. In fact I did not even realize he had cut me until I looked down 5 minutes later and I was being stiched up. I was soo overwhelmed with love and I still am....maybe I am a little more in love now :).

I slept a little last night. However, I am in the process of pumping and feeding every three hours, and since my milk is not in yet we are also supplementing formula. Every sound Caleb made I would wake up and check on him. I am just trying to get used to this new momma business, but I am loving EVERY MINUTE.

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Lea Liz said...

I loved reading your labor story!!! It sounds like everything went almost perfect to me!!!!! I am so glad!!! He is absolutly precious, beautiful and you look wonderful!!! Isn't it so amazing? So much more amazing than you ever dreamed? Enjoy this girl!!!!!!!!!!