Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Preschool Open House

Caleb begins Preschool next Tuesday! I have enrolled him in a 2 day class, and he is very excited.  Nick and I had parents night last night, and then this morning was Caleb's open house.

When we arrived at the school he was a little timid.  I assured him that I was staying with him today, and that there was no need to worry.  When we entered the building we went and washed his hands, and then headed to his room.  His room's theme is "Crayons".  The teachers incorporated this theme throughout, and it turned out very cute.

The puzzles were the first activity to catch Caleb's eye.  He sat and worked two puzzles and met a little boy that is going to be in his class.  We then moved onto the Science station.  He loved this station.  He used magnifying glasses and binoculars to inspect everything.

He then wandered throughout the room, and played with various other toys.  He love playing with the keyboard and the mouse in the dramatic play center.  He walked up and realized that the mouse and keyboard were separated, so he put them back together and then played with them. 

We spent some time in the reading corner, and then we started looking for his cubby.  I told him to find his cubby because that was where he would put his lunch box. He looked for a moment and then he picked out his cubby all by himself!!! Smart boy! I also showed him where he would hang his back pack.

It was then time to clean up and the teachers sang a fun clean up song. He was quick to pick up toys, even ones he did not play with.  Such a big helper! I think he is going to do great at school!


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