Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Caleb's First Day of Preschool

The preschool year began yesterday, and Caleb attended his very first day of Preschool.  He ended up loving it, and had a wonderful time. I shed a few more tears than he did, and he looked so grown up to me!

Yesterday morning after breakfast I told Caleb that we needed to take some special pictures for Preschool with the sign mama made.  He surprisingly went along with this.  That was so unexpected because he hates having his picture taken.  He posed, and participated without complaint for every picture.  Unfortunately my good camera was being skitzo so I only have phone camera shots, but I still captured those first day of school memories.

Pinterest gave me the idea to include what he wants to be when he grows up.  Since every member of his family is in some form of construction he knows no different.  My dad informed me that he needs to be a doctor or a lawyer :).

Caleb rode in daddy's big truck to school, and Kinlee and I followed in the van.  When we arrived, I had to start fighting back the tears.  He looked so big walking in with his back pack and lunch box.  He placed his back pack where it belonged, put his lunch box in his cubby, gave the teachers their gifts, and then washed his hands.  My tears started then, and he cried as well  for about 2 minutes. Nick and I stood outside in the breezeway until we did not hear him crying anymore and then we left.

 This is how we left him :(. 

Kinlee and I were able to spend some one on one time together while Caleb was at school. That never happens.  We also got to have lunch with daddy.  Can I just say how easy just having one kid to take care of is?  I swear I could have gotten all my errands for the next 6 months done in 3 hours.

When we picked Caleb up he was so calm and grown up.  He waited in a a line until the teacher told him he could go to me, and then he walked and put his paper in his back pack, placed it on his back and we left.  Kinlee was super excited to see him.

Some cute things he said about school that I want to remember. No one else will care about these I assure you.

"I only cried for 2 minutes"

"I rode a BIG red bike in the gym"

"I loved playing with the boys"

"Caleb did you get a new girlfriend at school?" ME
"No, I'll stick with Pres" Him

He folded his hands in the praying position and said
"We did this at school to thank God"

"Mom Mom God made Bella just for me!"

"I didn't eat my applesauce, but that's okay because I ate my strawberries"

"Jonas is on vacation with his mommy and daddy and he will be back soon"