Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Caleb Three Years Old

Caleb, my sweet "big" boy,

You have taught me so many things in these past three years. You have allowed me to know the true love of a parent, taught me to take in the moment, and push me to the ends of my patience.  I love watching the little person you are becoming.  You are so timid, and sweet, but you are so stubborn as well.  You remind me a lot of myself. I love everything about you my sweet baby (even though I am not allowed to call you that).  I love the fact that you love to snuggle me at night, and the fact that I can calm you when you are crying just by placing my face against yours.  I love your silly stories, and the pretend world that you imagine.  I love getting lost in your little boy mind.  You are perfect beyond words.  Time is moving way too fast, and I literally can not believe you are three!

At Three Years Old you are:

  • All imagination.  We are constantly fighting giants, alligators, dinosaurs, and bears! You keep me guessing, and running for my life :). 
  • You are timid,  You are oh so timid.  You do not like things out of the ordinary, and it takes you a while to warm up to a new situation.  You are starting preschool in a couple of weeks, and this worries me a bit.  
  • You have developed a fear of the dark.  I hate that you fear.  Fear is the one thing in life that I wish I could keep you from ever experiencing. You think that bears, and dinosaurs live in your closet, and you must sleep with the light on.  I try to show you how to be strong and not fear, but it is a task mama is still working on herself. 
  • You love to be read to over and over again.  At night we may read the same book 10 times.  I am ok with that however, because you snuggle close and we end our day on a high note. 
  • You love to have your back, head, legs, belly etc rubbed. You are so my child.  You always tell me "they hurt" so I will rub them.
  • You love to swim.  You are doing great with your swimmies and have overcome a lot of fears of the water.  At times you can tread with out your swimmies on.
  • You love your sister. Oh how you love her.  You told us "Kinlee not allowed to date boys. I will kick, and hit those boys! They can't take my Kinlee away from me" :)
  • You also fight with your sister a lot over toys.  
  • You still have a binky......I know I of these days we will get rid of it.
  • You love to play cars, and big trucks.  You can get lost for hours just playing on the floor with them.
  • You love tools. You always pretend you are going to work with pa and daddy to build houses. You always build a blue house with 2 bedrooms. One for you and one for me.  You are working to save money to buy me a car :).  You are so giving.
  • You are very compassionate.  Anytime anyone is upset you stop and try to figure out what is wrong. 
  • You love all sports, and say that you want to play all of them.
  • You are obsessed with basketball shorts and running shoes.  
  • You still wear a diaper for nap and bedtime, and they are still wet a lot of times when you wake up.
  • You are picky.  Your favorite food is pizza, and cereal.  You always want to eat cereal. 
  • You always come up to me and ask me to hold you, and I love it.
  • You are in the Why, the because I want to, and the "mama your mean" stage.  We are working our way through these.
  • You are usually a good listener, and require very little discipline. You have your days however.
  • You are so excited to start school.  You always say "I go to school with my backpack on my back, my lunch box with my food, and I ride in daddy's big truck".  I pray you love school.
  • You have come a long way in your speech. However, a lot of people have trouble understanding you. I am going to talk to your doctor about speech therapy at your 3 year visit.  
  • You love to go to the library, the zoo, and otterville.
  • You remember everything, and you have really started taking in conversations.
  • I tell you that you are perfect and you say "No your perfect" and then you kiss me.  I love it.
  • "Only daddy loves me" is your new thing to say.
  • You have to sleep with your doggy pillow
  • You always say Amen after prayers and after we pray in the car. 
  • You are starting to really take in what I tell you about God and Jesus. 
  • Your best friends are "Hudson, Pres, and E" 
I love you so much my sweet boy.  I could go on an on about who you are at three.  You are so perfect, sweet, and loving! 


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