Monday, August 6, 2012

Caleb Turns 3

My sweet little man turned 3 years old on Saturday! Crazy!!! I will be doing a post all about who he is a 3 years at another time, but I wanted to document his birthday festivities.

We did things a little different around here this year.  I am a lover of throwing a big party!! I love planning all the details, executing them, and sharing the photos.  However, this year life was just not working with me in planning for his party.  I was super upset about it but I then asked Caleb what he wanted for his birthday and he said  "a blue party hat" about humbling me. It was then that I decided I was going to go with the flow this year, and I was going to let Caleb take the lead.

His requests:

  • blue party hat (we only found green)
  •  race car on cake
  • Green, Blue and Red Balloons
  • Uncle Tony come to help him blow out candles 

I knew that since we were not having a big party that I wanted to do a small play date with his close friends. The night before the play date I took Caleb shopping and we picked out his party decorations.  He of course picked everything Lightning McQueen, and I had to push my hatred of "character theme" parties to the back burner.  He was of course so excited.I had the best time walking with him through the stores and picking out what he wanted.  We had to travel to a second store to get party hats and while we were there he fell in love with a blue riding car.  He said he wanted to ride it for his birthday :).

I tried my hardest to make it as cute as possible, and lucky for me my mother in law had some extra CARS decor lying around.

Caleb opened some presents, played outside with his friends, and enjoyed his cup cakes. He was not happy with the Happy Birthday song being sang to him at all and he refused to blow out his candles :).

On his actual birthday he awoke to me sneaking balloons into his room.  I wanted to be the mom from Pinterest that filled her kids room with balloons on their birthday to surprise them....Well he caught me.  He looked up as I was letting go of the last bit of balloons and said in a very teenage voice "Mom...what are you doing?".  It was funny.  He was still very happy with the balloons even if they were not a surprise.  We wanted to make his birthday special, so we were allowing him to decide where he wanted to go, what he wanted to eat etc.  For breakfast he chose a doughnut with 4 candles :), watermelon, and Trix.  He once again would not blow out the candles, and told us he would later with Tony.

After breakfast he said he wanted to go to the toy store, so we took him.  I had plans to take him somewhere fun afterwards, but we were in the toy store for hours!! He had so much fun, and bought out the Home Depot toy section.

We then went to Nick's families house for dinner (pizza) of course, cake and ice cream, and presents. He was so happy Tony was able to come.  He asked for him specifically to help blow out his candles. He actually blew them out this time..just like he said he would. He also picked out his cake and requested that I put race cars on it.

That night as I cuddled him I held him extra tight.  My sweet birthday not so tiny little baby....where did the last 3 years go?

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