Friday, August 17, 2012

Mckinlee 18 Months

I am so far behind on blogging once again.  Hopefully one day soon I can catch up and get back to posting consistently.

My sweet baby girl turned 18 months old on the 6th.  18 months, the age Caleb was when I had Mckinlee.  That is crazy to me! I look at her, and how tiny she is, and I remember thinking Caleb was SOO big at that age! It baffles me that I had him, and a newborn and that I survived!! 18 months....where has the time gone?

My little tink is still a stinker these days, but she has become less clingy, and whiny, and her personality is really starting to shine.  My dad says she is "going to be the only hell your mama ever raised" :).  She is a spit fire for sure.  However, she has a way of wrapping me around her little finger tighter than I ever thought possible.

Mckinlee at 18 months

Eating: You still eat all the time.  You have become better at sitting still and not crying through actual meal times.  You will run over to your little table, pull your chair out, sit down and say "bite bites".  You are however, impatient if it takes me more than 2 minutes to give you those requested bite bites.  You love to snack, and you love junk food.  I really have to limit your intake, or you would eat junk all day.

Sleeping: You are still napping from 1-3 and you go to bed at 8/8:30 and sleep until 8/8:30.  You will sometimes sleep past 9, but usually when someone else is watching you.

Size:  You were 19 lbs 12 oz at your appointment the other day!!! You finally broke 19 lbs.  I will know more of your measurements when we go for your well baby.  You seem to have gotten a lot taller.  Your 12 month dresses are basically just below your butt now a days.  You are wearing a size 2 diaper and a size 3 shoe. You need 18 month clothes for length, but a lot of your tiny shirts/dresses still fit you for tops.

Teeth: You have 12 teeth. You have 5 breaking through right now, and you have actually been very pleasant, and they have not seemed to bother you.

Speech:  You are my chatterbox! You surprise me daily with what you can say. Your favorite words right now are "no" and "mine" and "mama" say mama like a little Italian child....MaaaMAAA.  You just need a little hand wave to go with it.  I can't list all your words anymore.  You are so big.

Exciting New Things:

  • We have experimented with potty training this month.  You have successfully peed and pooped on the potty a handful of times. You love to run around naked and say potty, but you rarely go.  If you have a diaper on and you go you will say "potty ewww" and grab at your's a start. 
  • You have this new laugh you do when you are getting into something you are not suppose to that is hilarious. 
  • You are in the lets take my shoes and bows off in the car and in public stage.  We lost a shoe at Kroger the other day because of this. 
  • You are very independent in terms of play now/  You are all over the playgrounds.
  • You still love to play with your babies.
  • You love to wrestle daddy.
  • You pull your pillow and blanket out of bed every morning to take with you into the kitchen .  
  • You still call your binky "Ellie" 
  • You are looking more and more like me as a little girl every day! 
  • You love to hold your brothers hand and walk now when we are out.

I love you sweet girl!


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