Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Monday

This Monday started out in a rush to say the least!! Caleb and Mckinlee had their well baby check ups scheduled for 9 am this morning, and it was CRAZY trying to get there in time.  Nick is generally home that early to help me, but he had to run to a job early this morning, and would be meeting us at the doctors office.  I had to get myself, and both kids fed, changed, and out the door by  8:40.  Also, Ethan  joined us for this adventure, and I had to rush to get him into the car when he arrived as well

The visit was typical Hell as you would expect.  My children both have a crazy fear of the doctor, so they basically took turns crying as he checked them.  I had to fill out paperwork for both, all in the midst of them screaming.  I would be surprised if my answers did not make them appear as if they have underlying issues :).  
I went on to ask my questions that I had mapped to ask.  Caleb does not need speech therapy and Mckinlee does need to see a dermatologists. He thinks she has vertiligo on her arms and legs and that is why she has white spots. I am super freaked out by this because that is what Michael Jackson had that caused him to turn white. I know that I am blowing it out of proportion but it freaks me out, and I want to start trying to fix the problem now.  In the midst of this Ethan is sitting on a stool crying because he has to go poop at the most inopportune time.  I assured him that I would take him as soon I finished talking to the doctor, and he stopped crying.  However, then one of my two would start crying....such continued the chorus of tears.

Nick was there to hold them down for shots. THANK GOD.  Caleb is too much for the doctor and I to handle now.  Caleb was so mad.  He screamed "I don't like that"  after they finished his shots.  Mckinlee was very un-happy as well.

We then were free to leave, and the nurse let Caleb and Ethan pick out a sticker. I then had Nick check out as I rushed Ethan to the potty. Of course once we got the restroom he stated that he did not need to go.... Toddlers....

After the check up I decided to stop and let them play at a near by park.  Thankfully this was uneventful and they had a lot of fun.  Once home, they fought like crazy over E.V.E.R.Y S.I.N.G.L.E. T.O.Y., as if I do not have a million other toys laying around.  In the midst of their fighting they each got hurt in some way shape or form.  We had a uneventful lunch, and now they are all sleeping!! I am praying today is a nap past 4 kind of day, but I am sure I just jinxed myself by typing that.

 This was the comic relief of the morning.  Caleb had to pee pee so we took a hike in a nearby wooded area.  Mckinlee kept saying "potty" and lifting up her shorts to expose her diaper.  She would then thrust out her crotch and say "Pee Pee", haha!! 

Oh it Friday yet?

Caleb's stats:
35 lbs 75 %
38 1/2 inches 60%

Mckinlee's stats:
19 lbs 12 ounces 3%
30" 25%

They are such opposites!!


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