Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working Hard

Caleb is fascinated by the idea of "going to work".  In his little boy mind it is a magical experience filled with fun adventures and money to buy toys with.  He is always jealous of Nick when he leaves in the morning, and begs to go to work with him.  When we were in my hometown my dad took him to "work" for a little bit, and it made his life! Today, Nick and his dad decided to carry on the tradition and took Caleb to work with them.

Caleb knew yesterday that he was going to work today.  That was all he talked about.  Last night after bath we went to his closet, and picked out his work clothes.  Daddy and Pa always wear khaki shorts and a grey work shirt.  We picked out the same for Caleb, but he was distraught because his shirt did not have "letters" on it like daddy's.  Daddy's shirt has the company name on it.  I told Nick this, and he called to inform his dad. Lucky for us MeeMaw is super crafty and she fixed his some letters on a sticker to put on his shirt.

This morning when he awoke he told me he had to "eat first before work".  He quickly gobbled down his breakfast.

We then brushed his teeth, got him dressed, and packed his "tool box".  His tool box also included a sippy, some goldfish, and a cereal bar :).  He was so excited.  He did not let his tool box out of his sight.  He then grabbed his "credit card", and his cell phone.  He had to make a quick call to Pa to talk about the house they were building today.

It was then time to go outside and wait on the BIG truck to get here.  Daddy showed him the ins and outs of his Big truck.  Caleb loved seeing all the tools, and helping daddy lock the doors.

When Pa arrived they had to measure some wire.  Caleb said "Mom I need my tape measure"...smart boy.  We got it out of his tool box and he helped daddy and Pa.  Pa also gave him his letters to put on his shirt, and he was super excited about that!

After a quick sit while he waited for daddy and Pa it was time to go. I snapped a couple of pictures, and then watched as he drove away with a huge smile on his face.

I can't wait to hear about his day, and about all the "big blue houses" they built :).


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amanda said...

That was so sweet how happy he was to go to work! I hope he had fun today.