Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drug Store Makeup I love

Ladies, I am going to go ahead and admit that I know little to nothing about makeup!! My grandmother (who does not wear makeup or style her hair) was my "mentor", and bless her heart she didn't really know how to teach me.  I have struggled with trying to learn the how to's for years, and all I can say is THANK GOD for YouTube, and blogger tutorials. 

I am still not a makeup expert by any means, and I still have A LOT to learn, but I have found a few products that I am happy with!! I always love the products used on the various tutorials, but I do not love their hefty price tags.  Since I am still learning the basics of proper makeup application I have searched the drugstore for products that I now love!

Maybelline Age Rewind foundation and concealer are amazing!! I always apply the foundation with my bare minerals foundation brush.  They provide awesome coverage, and I always receive compliments!

I am also a huge fan of the elf products from Target!! Blush for 3 dollars? Eyeshadow for 4? Yes please!! It actually really works great!

I use elf blush and bare minerals bronzer to add color to my face. I apply both with my bare minerals blush brush, and then blend them with the bare minerals foundation brush.


I am still trying to master eyeshadow.  I am not great at it yet, but I do love ELF eyeshadow.  All these colors for 4 dollars?  Seriously?

Cover girl eyeliner and lash blast mascara are my go to's.  However, I am intrigued to try the mascara that Mama Laughlin talked about in her tutorial video.

I finish off my look with ELF lip gloss.

Though my makeup knowledge is still a work in progress, I feel as though these products are great for any mama on a budget!!



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