Saturday, March 31, 2012


One of Caleb's favorite activities during the day is watching the school bus pick up/drop off children in our neighborhood.  He hears the bus screech to a halt, and immediately runs to the window to watch with amazement.  He loves everything about it, and he always has a million questions to ask me about it.  The other morning he made me stop dead in my tracks while watching the bus pass when he asked..

"Mom Mom can I be a big kid now and ride the school bus please"?

Oh sweet buddy, it has started.  I was hoping that I could keep you innocent and young for a few more years, but you have already started wishing your little life away.  Unfortunately, this is a process that will continue throughout life, and you will only realize what you wished away after it has already passed.  Sweet boy...stay young.....

You see once you are a big kid on the school bus it will no longer be so magical.  Gone will be the days of running through the house playing dinosaur, and fishing for alligators under the couch.  Gone will be the days of thinking that mama kisses and band aids heal even the most painful boo boo.  Gone will be the days of playing with trains, bikes, and water during the day.  Gone will be the days of your toddler hoodYour sweet, innocent, perfect toddler hood.  Sweet boy this time is a blessing.  I know you do not realize it, but you bring so much joy to my life.  I love seeing the world through your innocent eyes.  I love spending every precious day with you.  I dread the day you are a big kid and board a school bus....then my "baby" will drive away with it, and I will be left wishing for those days to return.  Let's take in each day as it comes little man.  Let's run through the sprinkler one more time, lets pretend to be the biggest T-Rex and chase Mckinlee until we can no longer breathe, let's wrestle the alligators until they do not bother us anymore.  Stay young, stay innocent just a little longer my little man...please just stay my baby. 


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