Friday, March 9, 2012

My Life with a 13 Month Old...The 2nd Time

When Caleb was 13 months old he literally threw me for a loop.  He went from being the easiest baby on the planet to a wild, independent, walking toddler.  Tantrums occurred every few minutes, and I was literally at a loss most days.  I wrote this post about it, and it is so funny to look back on.  It is crazy to me to think that he was Mckinlee's age at this point.  He was so much bigger!!

 Mckinlee as of this point is a completely different "toddler" than Caleb was. I know her days are coming when I will be once again at a loss, but as for now she is still so "babyish" to me.  She is my sweet, dramatic, tiny girl, and she is a ham!!

Since Mckinlee has not yet figured out the freedom of walking she is a little easier than Caleb was at this point.  She went from being my complicated baby to a pretty funny toddler basically over night.  She does throw her share of tantrums, but they are still "cute" should see them and you would agree.  She throws her head down on her arm, and peeks up at you with those big blue eyes just to make sure you are paying attention :).  Sooo adorable as of now. I know the day is coming when they will drive me crazy.  As of now she is still a easy, sweet girl who is currently cutting 4 teeth and still looks like this....

Nick and I were talking about her personality last night.  We both agreed that she is going to be hilarious.  She does things just to get a laugh from you, and it is so adorable.  I just love that little stinker face.  She thinks she is so big, but as for now she is still my sweet tiny!


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