Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The UGLY

Today has been one of those days.  You know the Ugly ones.  I hate days like today.  I hate days where I literally feel as though everything is going wrong.  I especially hate them when I feel the need to complain because I know how blessed I am. However, it is hard sometimes to carpe diem every moment, and not have a little pitty party every once in a while...especially when your good ole aunt Flow is visiting. 

I read this article this morning and it made me laugh, cringe, and relate in more ways than one.  It is a must read

I took a moment and reflected after this article.  It really made me think about my day to day life.  In my opinion mothers are super heros.  We are the biggest, baddest most amazing super heros to every live!! I swear we mothers could conquer the world by 10 am, but some how we more often than not end up feeling as though we have not accomplished anything by the end of the day. Especially on the ugly days.  You know the days that start out the roughest.  The days that begin at 6 am when your 13 month old decides it is time to play, you nurse her, and just when you get her to close her eyes and your breathe a sigh of relief your toddler enters the room.  Instead of cuddling like usual your toddler decides to bounce on the bed and yell catch me...only you cant catch him because you have a baby in your arms...her then falls off the bed and cries for FOREVER even though nothing is hurt.  At this point it is only 7:30.  You then have no time to shower even though you feel disgusting because of your aunt, and its off to make breakfast and work (nannying).  You then have 3 little kids to take care for, no patience, have not had time to feed yourself, and are praying for morning nap time.  Throw in a few diaper changes, tantrums, and short temper snaps on your part.  You look around your house and try to tackle the "cleaning", but begin to realize how much more you need to do.  You have still not eaten, you put the 2 younger ones down for nap, fix breakfast start to eat, and then your 13 month old starts crying.  You know the crying that means "I'm not gonna take a morning nap today mom", so you grab her and what was once your breakfast soon becomes a playground for a 13 month old to practice her self feeding skills.  In an effort to save the day you plan a play date to the park, but rain spoils that. Instead you have a friend and her daughter over to play, but you are in such a blah mood that you wonder if they will ever want to hang out again.......oh the ugly days.

However, as mothers we do need to give ourselves more credit.  We are amazing.  We have hard days.  We have nights where we go to bed feeling guilty because we were not the "best mom" that day.  We have nights where we go to bed with a clean house feeling wonderful, only to have to start the entire "cleaning" process over again by 7 am.  Our job is a never ending one, filled with bumps, moutain tops and valleys.  I love the good the bad and the ugly days of motherhood....they are all worth it when I see faces like this looking up at me.



Lindsey said...

Thanks for posting this. I found your blog on BBC. I feel like I have had a lot of Ugly Days lately and have run out of patience quite a few times. Thanks for reminding me that everyone has these days and that I am, in fact, a GOOD mom.

Rachel Burkart said...

Ugly days! When we don't have an ugly day, we are anticipating when the next one will come. haha. I'm sorry you had such a hard day yesterday. You are truly a super many days i wonder how you handle it all! You are a wonderful mama and woman! I'll be praying for "prettier" days for all of us mommies.