Friday, March 9, 2012

"Me Go on Date and Dance"

Sunday afternoon we informed Caleb that he was going to go on a special date with mama and dada that night.  His immediate reaction was "Me go on a date with you and daddy and dance....Yay".  Nick and I had previously gone to a ballroom dancing class for a date night, so obviously thats what our 2 year old thought he was going to do as well :).  He is so stinking cute might I add. We told him that we were going on a special date with him to watch a movie on a big TV, and that Kinlee was going to go stay with meemaw.  He was running around the house saying "Me go on a date and watch boovie, Kinlee go Beebow's (meemaw?) house!".  I have never seen my child more thrilled to get dressed and get out of the house. 

After we dropped little miss off we arrived at the movies.  We allowed Caleb to pick out his very own candy and after a few minutes of looking he chose Twizzlers.  Once we arrived in the theatre he sat in awe of the screen.  He was so cute throughout the entire movie, The Lorax, eating his popcorn, candy, and watching the screen.  He would laugh, clap, and smile.  He sat through the entire movie, and really only talked once.  We were so proud of him!

Once the movie was over we headed to the Dairy Queen next door for ice cream.  Caleb was not able to finish all of his after his big meal at the movies, but we had some cute conversation with him.  Nick and I decided that date night with our kids need to become a regular thing :).


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