Monday, March 5, 2012

"Just Tell Yourself Ducky You are really Quite LUCKY

some people are much more, so muchly much much more unlucky than you"

I went to bed Friday night with a heart of thankfulness. Friday was a scary day here in the bluegrass to say the least. We experienced storms that rarely ever grace our states presence, and it was truly terrifying.

I had been hearing all week to prepare for Friday's incoming weather. Various meteorologists gave their warnings, for us to prepare for the worst. However, in our state the worst is usually blown out of proportion. However, this was not the case on Friday. The worst was real, and the worst was here, and we were left to take shelter. On Friday afternoon around 4 pm I was literally taking shelter in my basement with 3 toddlers, 2 dogs and my sister, as a tornado hit a town 15 miles from me. My husband said that the way the storm traveled the funnel cloud literally passed over my home. I hugged the kids tight and tried to keep them from seeing the fear on my face as the hail beat my house, and as the wind howled around us. The thunder was terrifying and the meteorologist on my phone app kept screaming "Take cover *blank* county, this is not a joke, a tornado has touched down!".

Once the storm blew past I had a moment to breathe, and I thought the worst was behind me. However, I then realized how close the storm was, what could have happened, and I saw the devistation that it caused in a nearby county. I was lucky. My family was safe, my house was still standing.

Later that night more tornados struck my "homeland". They struck the towns of my childhood. They destryed them. There was an F3 that touched down in my state. This never happens. As I stated previously this only happens out west, never here, and never in the hills of my hometown. I shook as I wandered if the citizens took the warnings for real, or if they just brushed them off. I feared for the safety of citizens who were raised just as I was. I mourn for those who lost family, all their belongings or both. I worry for those citizens who were already financially unstable who are now left with nothing. My family and I were lucky.

The tornados occured on Dr. Seuss's birthday. I have always loved his books, and for the lessons they teach. "Just tell yourself Ducky you are really quite lucky...some people are much more unlucky than you". That phrase has run through my head all weekend. As I tucked my babies into bed Friday night, I took the time to hold them, kiss them, take in their scent, and thank God for them extra hard. That storm on Friday could have easily come my direction, I could have lost everything, my babies could have been taken from me. However, God protected us, and for that I am truly thankful.

I now feel as though it is our responsibility to help those less fortunate. I understand not all can help financially, however, all can pray, spread the word, and possibly volunteer. Stephanie is taking donations for a family that lost everything. Churches are taking donations of items as well. I encourage us all to realize how lucky we are and to give back to those less fortunate. We never know when we will have an unlucky day, and will also need someones assistanace.

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