Friday, April 6, 2012

Mckinlee 14 Months

My sweet peanut, you are a whole 14 months old today.  You are changing more and more each and every day, and it is all I can do to take you in.  You are such a sunshine to my life.

Mckinlee at 14 months:

Eating:  You are eating 3 meals a day, and you eat one large snack after your afternoon nap.  You have started eating peanut butter, and you have no allergy to it, thank God.  You still drink soy milk.  Some mornings you still nurse when you first wake up, and some mornings you do not want to.  You sign "milk" and crawl to me when you want to nurse.  You are down to one-zero nursing sessions a day. 

Sleeping:  You sleep 8-8 and you take one good afternoon nap from 1-3ish.  You have not taken a morning nap in 2 days, so you may be dropping that one.  We shall see.

Size: You are still a peanut.  You can wear anything from 0-3 months-12 month clothing.  You are in a size 3 shoe, and a size 2 diaper. 

Teeth: You have 6 teeth now.  Your top and bottom front teeth, and your top canines.  Teething so far has not given us much trouble.

Speech:  You are my little talker.  It is another thing that reminds me how opposite you and Caleb are.  You say mama, dada, Bella, brooerr (brother), chee (cheese), pleeezz (please), no, moorr (more), heyo (hello), nana (banana) and Caas (Cats).  You do not consistently speak as of yet, but all of a sudden you will just say random words.  You can sign milk, but you have not been too interested in other signs.

Exciting New Things:
  • You smack your lips together and come at me open mouthed when you want a kiss.  You were doing it yesterday and saying mama, then smacking your lips and kissing me.  It melted my heart.
  • You point your finger, shake your head no, and say "no no" to the 5 little monkeys song.  I will say what does the doctor say, and you will point, shake and say no no.
  • You love to eat.  Anything and everything.  Bananas are your favorite
  • You stand on your own all the time, and you take steps when you want to.  You can bend down and stand back up on your own without falling, but you refuse to actually start walking.
  • You crawl so fast, and you love to chase Caleb.
  • You are still attached to my leg, hip, chest etc.  I can not put you down or move out of your sight or you loose it.  You are such a mamas girl.
  • You are not big on letting other people hold you. 
  • You know how to brush your hair, and your teeth.
  • You have enough hair for a small pony on top of your head now, but you hate having your hair fixed. It is a battle to say the least.
  • You love to pull your bow out of your hair, crawl to me, and hand me the bow and smile.  STINKER
  • You climb on everything.
  • You can climb stairs, inflatables, tables etc like a pro.
  • You have zero fear.
  • You love to play on play sets. You get on everything.  You go down the slide by yourself and you know to go backwards.
  • You are in a smack mama phase, and still laugh when I tell you no.
  • You have started throwing tantrums when you do not get your way more so than you were before.
  • You love to play outside.
  • You fly in your walker.
  • You love bath time.
  • You rock your glider in your room and sing "roo laa laa" (rock a by baby).  So cute.
  • You have become pretty obsessed with your Ellie (binky) this month.  She is always close by now. 
  • You have basically turned blond, and your hair is soo curly.
me as a one year old

I love you sweet girl. I am so excited to see what adventures this month of your life has to offer.

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