Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mckinlee 13 Months

Sweet Mckinlee you are 13 months old today. CRAZY! This past month literally flew by all too quickly. You have become such a fun girl this month, and I am loving your little personality.

Mckinlee at 13 Months:

Eating: You love to eat. You would literally eat all day if I let you. I have no idea where your food goes since you never gain weight, but you are a little piggy. You are loving baby food again this month. You used to hate it but now you are all about it. I think it is because you have been teething. You generally eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack or 2. You always have a jar of baby food after your lunch. You have finally taken to soy milk non flavored, and you are still nursing one to two times a day.

Sleeping: Sleep is the same. Bed at 8-8:30 and you sleep until 8ish. You nap from 10-11 and from 1-3.

Size: 26 1/2 inches and 17 lbs. Size 0-3-12 month clothing. Size 2/3 shoe depending on how it is made. Size 2 diaper.

Teeth: You have been teething like crazy this month, and (knock on wood), it has not seemed to bother you too bad. You have both bottom front teeth and both top front teeth breaking through. It also looks as though you are getting ready to cut your top canines.

Language: You are such a mocking bird. You will basically mock any sound or facial expression. You can say dada, baba, bye bye, hi, Bella, yuck (with head shake),  Rarrr and mama. You also love to sign for milk.

Exciting New Things:

  • You so "So Big" now.  Adorable
  • You know where your head is and you always pat it with your right hand when we ask you.
  • You still climb on EVERYTHING
  • You know how to get off couches, beds, chairs etc backwards.
  • You love to hide your face and play "Where's Mckinlee"
  • You will go to others now with no issue
  • You love to crawl and cuddle up on my lap.
  • You love to play with my shield while I am nursing you. You pull it off, and try to put it back on and laugh.
  • When you want into something and you need help you always say "Uhhh Uhh Uhhh" as loud as possible.
  • Playing in the pantry is your favorite.
  • You love to play with toys in your crib before nap.
  • You are standing more on your own and taking a few steps here and there but still do not really show much interest in walking.
  • You still love to play dinosaur and chase brother
  • You try to brush your hair with your hairbrush
  • You fight off any attempt to style your hair.
  • You are in the in between stage with your hair. It is to short to pull back but to long to look right just down....we are working on this
  • Dada is your new favorite when he arrives home.  You always stand at the top of the gate and squeal and follow him through the house when he is changing out of his work clothes. 

I love you so much my little 13 month old girl. 


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Ashley Fisher :) said...

love love your blog always but love this post especially! That tutu is just precious and so is Mckinlee!!