Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend was the first weekend we have had in a while that was super low key.  Generally I am go go go on the weekends, because during the week I stay pretty much trapped in our house with 3 kids.  However, this weekend there was really nothing on the agenda other than hair cuts, so we took the weekend to just enjoy family time. 

Saturday we did attempt a game night at our friends house, but it did not play out the way we had imagined. We took the pack n play for Mckinlee, but little miss wanted nothing to do with it. She is such a picky little thing. She wants her bed and her bed only.  Since she would not sleep we ended up calling it a night pretty early.

Sunday morning we attempted church. We had not been in a few weeks. We tried to put both children in the nursery, and within 5 minutes Mckinlee's number was up on the screen.  I brought her into service, but she was talking up a storm, so Nick stepped out with her.  As soon as they left the sanctuary Caleb's number popped up. I immidiately gathered our things, picked him up, and then we just came on home.  The nursery worker did proceed to tell us that despite them not staying they were the "prettiest kids she had seen in a while, and that we made pretty babies" :).

After our chuch fail we came home, played, and I ventured to the grocery store.  The rest of the night was spent snuggling, giving the kids a bath, and playing.  It really was a great low key weekend.

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