Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was so much fun last night.  Trick or treating started at 6, and I made sure I had the kiddos dressed in time to snap a few pics beforehand. 

Mckinlee was a cute little lamb

Caleb picked his own costume and was none other than Lightning McQueen himself.  My child is just a little obsessed with CARS and this costume was a must have for him.  I was set on a cute monkey costume but he vetoed that right away.  He looked so cute in his little pit crew costume.

After, taking the few pictures that we did we started on our trick or treating adventures.  Meemaw joined while Abby and K stayed at home to pass out candy.  I was not sure how Caleb would do with the whole trick or treating idea. We had been practicing all day, but he never quite mastered the words "trick or treat".  The first few houses he was very timid, stood really far away from the people, and forced them to stand to give him his candy.  He was not a fan of the first "haunted" house we saw, but afterward he started to warm up to the idea.  He even walked up to the houses where kids were handing out candy all by himself.  He even thanked the kids with his cute little Caleb face, head nod thanks that he is known for.  We ended up trick or treating for well over an hour, and we hit up at least 4 streets in our neighborhood. 

Mckinlee was done trick or treating after the first neighborhood.

After all was said and done we had fun tasting and sorting our candy. Caleb had way to much fun with this, and he was bouncing off the walls.  Mckinlee loved trying her first candy as well. 

We finished off the night at our neighbors bon fire, and Caleb had so much fun playing with little miss Halle. 

It was a great 3rd Halloween for Caleb and a great FIRST for miss Mckinlee. 

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