Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Calling all Wise Mothers (Of Potty Trained BOYS)

So, Caleb is officially potty trained and he is doing great. At home he just uses the potty whenever he needs to, and when we are out in public he tells me when he needs to go.  All is great right?

Well, we have one little issue, and I need advice.  What do you do with little boys when they have to potty in a public place.  I mean we all know the need to have your little man hold down his tee tee so his pee pee does not fly everywhere. Caleb does great at home with this when he sits on his little potty or on his potty seat on the big toilet.  However, when we go out in public, he has to use both hands to keep himself from falling in the potty, and his pee pee goes everywhere.  Today, I literally had to hold his pee pee for him, and my hand was peed all over (the things we do for our kids).  There has to be an easier way.

So my question...
Do you take your potty with you and only use it? If so, do you have more than one kid?

Do you bring your potty seat for the big toilet with you? If so do you just place it in Kroger bag or how do you transport it?

Do you hold the tee tee for them?

What has worked for you? Please help! :)


Lindsay said...

I have three boys, one is fully potty trained and one is in the progress of training. It is not often that I take them out when they need to go. I make sure they go before we leave the house and we usually aren't gone long enough for them to need to go again. Having said that when they have had to go I basically have to let them touch all over the nasty toilet with one hand and hold their privates with the other. BUT I just saw this toilet seat mentioned on another blog and it is literally genius! I am going to be ordering one and maybe you should too! Good luck!!!

Carrie said...

OK, so don't laugh but this is what I like to do (when I remember to bring a cup with me). I take one of his sippy cups with me at all times. When he has to potty we go in the restroom, pull down his pants, and I have him pee in the sippy cup. When he's done I flush it down the potty, screw the lid on, and go on our merry way. It seriously is SO easy and this way he isn't touching every inch of the public toilet. Gross. Hope it helps :)

Also, as he gets a little older he will be able to balance himself and hold his, you know, down all at the same time!


The Dimino's said...

We bought one of those foldable potty seats. So I just have it in a Walmart sack in Willa Kate's diaper bag!! Most of the time he just stands up but sometimes he wants to sit down!! I think they are like $10.