Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey Jude

This past weekend we traveled to Indianapolis to visit mama Beth and new baby Jude.  Jude was so precious, cute, and snuggly! Oh I just fell in love the moment I saw him.  Mama and baby are both home and doing well now which I am so thankful for. 

While in Indy we decided to hit up the children's museum.  It is suppose to be one of the top in the US, and it was a great time.  We were there from around 11-5, and we still did not see all it had to offer.  Caleb and Mckinlee both had a blast playing in the various rooms, and I was personally in love with the Barbie room.  If you ever have a chance to go I highly recommend it. 

 I'm kind of obsessed with this picture. I love to see my babies playing together :)

Mckinlee became really tired at one point of the day, and stupid me had forgotten my sling at home.  I could not get her to fall asleep in the stroller, or just in my arms.  So, I did what any baby wearer would do, and I made a make shift sling out of my jacket. She was out in an instance.  I looked a little funny, and I even had one lady walk up to me, look, and say "Oh, that's a baby".  I smiled and said "No I just have a growth".....(some people.....).  Any who, she slept the remainder of the day there, and we continued our fun.

It was a great weekend, and now I am back to reality in terms of work, and cleaning my horribly messy house. 

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