Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well, I officially once again stink at daily posting on my blog.  I really do try, but there is not always enough time, pictures or excitement in a day to post about. 

This week has been a pretty dreary week.  We have spent a lot of our time at home, and did not venture out until today.  Yesterday was a horrible, rainy, cold day, and with 3 kids in the house (because I am nannying) ages 2 and under it was getting a little wild.  So, I did what any mama would do, and I turned the experts of Pinterest for some fun activities. I came across an idea to make a road out of painters tape on your floor, and let the kids drive their cars.  HUGE HIT! My road is not even, and is a little crooked, but Caleb was in HEAVEN. 

We also are learning about C, and the color orange this week.  I allowed Caleb to paint a letter C with his cars the other day since C is for Car. Another huge hit.

Today, I threw out all fun activities around the house, and I decided to take the kids out for a fun filled day at Otterville. Always a huge hit, and always a guaranteed long nap day! They loved it.  Even little miss joined in the fun today, and she climbed a small step for the first time....seriously?? Time is going by way to fast when it comes to my Mckinlee B.


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Rachel Burkart said...

I love the tape idea for the cars!!!! That's great!