Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It is official.  My little bundle girl is growing up, and she is learning to spread her wings and fly (sappy I know).  This little girl has been amazing me lately with how much she is changing, and I feel as though she has not really gotten the blog time that she needs.  I often feel as though I am slacking on recording Mckinlee's milestones on here in comparison to Caleb's.  However, I am taking the time today to write all about miss sweet pea and her "mobile" adventures. Let's just say she is on the "plank" of crawling.

Mckinlee has always been more mobile than Caleb ever was at this age. In fact when she was in the womb she was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I used to always joke that "we would have our hands full with this one".  Since birth Mckinlee has been a mover, a talker, and has been very opinionated and picky. She likes what she wants when she wants it, and if you do not give it to her she will give you an ear full.  (She is not a woman is she :)).  Any who, I have always found it funny to compare her and Caleb.
did not coo until 3 months
did not roll over both ways until 6 months
did not crawl until 10 months
He was perfectly content sitting and playing with one toy independently for hours. 
He would let anyone and everyone hold him.
Very large

talking from the womb I swear
started rolling both ways around 3 1/2-4 months
already army crawling
will only sit and play with toys for a minute and you have to play with her.
She is very picky about who holds her
Very tiny

Anyways, they are so different, but I love that! I love not knowing what to expect. Unlike her big bro she is all about moving around. She loves to roll roll roll all across the room, under tables, under couches etc. She has been doing this with the greatest of ease for what feels like forever.  As of a few weeks ago she started getting up on all fours and rocking, and I knew that the days of her becoming mobile were just around the corner.  Well, today she started army crawling, and rocking/falling on her head to move around.  The days of crawling are seriously very close now.  I do not think I am ready for this, and I may break down and cry at the thought of it.  I am not ready for my little bitty baby (who is still the size of a 1 month old) to start crawling around. I am also not ready for the havoc that 2 mobile children will produce.  Oh geez Mckinlee lets just slow down a bit. 


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