Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cat in the Hat Part 2

Thank you all for the sweet comments about the party decorations. I am still just oh so excited about how everything turned out. However, the subject in these next two photos blows even the craftiest of decorations out of the water. 

My sweet little birthday boy was just oh so adorable at his party.  His smile was enough to make any mothers heart melt, and I was so happy that we could provide such a fabulous day for him. 

I purchased a cat in the hat shirt from this etsy seller, and I was so happy with how it turned out.  It was the perfect touch to his "party pictures", that were incorporated in the decor, and the perfect outfit to fit the theme. 

A few days prior to the party we did a little photo shoot with his shirt to have printed for the party. The sun and my camera were working against eachother that day so we only got a handful of good shots out of the 200 we took.  However, the day of the party I took him on a little photo shoot again, and got a couple of good shots.  This seems to be typical to taking photos of a toddler.

I found this adorable idea on pinterest.

Basically, you take a photo on every anniversary/birthday and the next year you take a picture of yourself holding the photo from the year before. ADORABLE, right?  I attempted this with Caleb. It was little more iffy than I expected it to be. Caleb did not quite understand the concept of holding the picture up where I could see it. :)



Joeylee said...

great pictures, he is adorable!!

Ms. J said...

He is looking so old! Look at how blonde his hair is- so adorable!

Erin said...

The party looked so so cute! You did such a great job! And I love the pics of him holding the picture! That is too funny!