Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caleb Day Part 2

I am a little behind in blogging.  This week has been a whirlwind with breaking the binky, and I have not had much time to sit and type up a post. I did want to back track a little and do a couple posts on our celebrations for Caleb's actual birthday.

Caleb's birthday fell on a Thursday this year.  We went to lunch with dada, grandpa and Tony, and then that night we went to Nick's parents for a birthday grill out and cake.  Caleb loves going over there because he is obsessed in riding around in the golf cart. He could spend hours with someone driving him in it.  Anyway, he loved blowing out his candles that night, and once again made us sing to him 2 times.

Friday Nick took off work and we took Caleb and Mckinlee to the Children's Museum. We had not been since Caleb was 17 months, and he loved it so much more this time around. He was all over the place, and he loved everything about it.  We lucked out as well because it was "free Friday". After 4 pm we could enter all parts of the Museum for free. Nick and I were able to enjoy all the museum had to offer after the kiddos fell asleep, and it was such a great day.


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