Monday, August 22, 2011

Learning Schedule/Morning 1

I am attempting to stick to a "learning schedule" with Caleb.  Some days when we have outings times will change, but for the normal stay at home days this is what I am going to stick with...maybe....we will see.  (Life is unpredictable with 2 young babies)

Our Daily Possible Schedule
6:30-Nurse Mckinlee and cuddle with Caleb in bed
7- Come into living room feed breakfast/watch a cartoon
7:30- I eat breakfast
8-9- Hang out with daddy before he leaves for work
9- quick nurse for Mckinlee
9:15- Mckinlee down for nap
9:15- Morning Circle Time with Caleb. 
  • Sing a song with a dance
  • Read a story (preferably referring to the weeks theme)
  • Practice recognizing his name written on a flash card.
9:40- Morning Art
10- Blanket Activity
  • Bring out one new activity. Demonstrate how to do it, and allow Caleb free play to manipulate it any way he chooses.
10:30- Mckinlee wakes. Give Caleb one other blanket activity while I nurse her.  (Sometimes Mickey Mouse becomes the activity during this time).  You do what you have to do when you have a baby on your boob and a toddler screaming in your ear.  Mickey Mouse has magical powers. 

11- Outdoor play
  • Outdoor chalk
  • Slides
  • Ball in the yard
  • Water table
  • Pool
  • Bikes
12- Inside/wash hands/prepare lunch

12:30- serve lunch to 2 now screaming children

1- nurse Mckinlee and put her down for nap

1:30 put Caleb down for nap

3:30/4- Kids awake. Nurse Mckinlee. Caleb watches a show while waking up

4-5- Outside Play

5-6- Cook Dinner

6:30- Eat Dinner

7:30- Baths

8-Nurse Mckinlee and put her down for bed

9-Caleb Bed

(Add in a few 100 diaper changes and you have a typical day in our family).

Today's Learning so far

Morning Art:
Today I drew a large bubble A on a piece of paper. I then gave Caleb leftover stickers from his party, and showed him how to place them on the A.  He had so much fun and really worked those fine motor skills. He needed help getting the stickers started, but he did the rest. (Note: My child is in a "I'm to cool to wear clothes while at home" stage...I pick my battles"). 

Blanket Play:
  • Placing pegs in tiny holes
  • Stringing Blue beads
  • Building a Blue tower

 Mckinlee likes learning about the color blue as well.

Outdoor Play:
  • Drawing A's and squares with chalk
  • Sliding down the Blue slide
I am attempting.  We may not have the perfect "playroom", or the perfect learning materials, but I am trying. 

Stay tuned for more about our week of learning...kind of like a day in the life post education style :). 

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