Thursday, August 4, 2011

Caleb 2 Years

Sweet boy:

It seems as though it was only yesterday that dada and I were in the hospital anxiously awaiting your arrival.  We were so excited to meet you, and we dreamed of the person that you would one day be.  I honestly can say that the little person you are has exceeded every expectation we ever had for you.  You are literally amazing. You are so sweet, so calm, and so loving.  I am so thankful for the timid, wild, happy, crazy, tantrum throwing, big brother loving, kind hearted, attached to mama little boy that you are.  You are so perfect.  My heart breaks a the idea of you growing any bigger, but I long to see the man that you will one day be.  I hope I can raise you to be a man who loves God, a man who is kind, loves hard, puts others first, lives life to the fullest, and becomes a loving father.  You are my perfect angel Caleb. You are my world, and you are the reason that I live.  Happy birthday sweet boy. 

Caleb at 2 years (I can't believe this is our last monthly post) :*(

Eating: Picky picky picky.  That is all I can say about that.

Sleeping: 9-6 every night in your own bed. One 2-3 hour nap daily.

Size: 24-2T. Size5 diaper and size 6 shoe. 29 lbs.

Speech: Your speech has blown up this month. You are mocking mocking mocking, and you are finally starting to put two words together to make a sentence.  My favorite sentence of yours this month was when  put my bra on in front of you and you said "boob go?" :). I can't list all the new words you have said this month because there are so many. You have started saying Pres for Presley and Kinee for Mckinlee.

Exciting New Things:
  • You had your 2nd birthday party!
  • You play dead now if we shoot at you with something. You are so dramatic. You will hold you heart, back up staggering and say ooooooooo! It is hilarious!! Maybe you will be an actor one day?
  • You have a new love for squirting people with the water hose.
  • You have a new play place that you got for your birthday and you love it!
  • You are so big when we take you to playhouses in the area now. You are so independent!
  • You are still obsessed with all things cars.
  • You love Mickey Mouse, and you ask to watch him every morning on my phone while I am nursing Mckinlee.
  • You have started scaring Bella. She runs from you now.
  • You love Popsicles! You always ask for "ice, me". 
  • You love your new 4wheeler!

I love you little man.  I can't believe you are two! I am going to go have a mama moment!

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