Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Good Plans....Day 2

Well, here we are two days into my "teach my child" project, and well.....it was already a little bit of a slack off day.  We did not have "morning circle time"...instead we both thought it would be more fun to build and play in a fort..."a BLUE fort" may I add. 

Though we did take a few minutes to talk about the color blue while playing peek a boo, get Caleb's leg, and where is mommy, we mostly just enjoyed each others company. My little man giggled at my silliness and my heart stopped from all of his cuteness. I swear I could eat that little stinker with a spoon. 

After the fort I built what I like to all a "push lace"...creative right? Caleb had some fun pushing the blue objects back and forth, and to my happy heart he kept saying "buuu" as he did so. 

We then bowled with a blue ball.  Caleb does not quite understand that he needs to roll the ball just yet. He thinks that kicking it and throwing it is much more effective. To his credit he does knock down all the pins by doing so.

We drew a few A's for "art".  It was not really what I had in mind, but it worked. 

We have not even though out about learning our square shape yet..at least the week is still young.

I did attempt to have his blanket play activity set up for when Mckinlee woke up from her nap. I gave him a blue container of blue bears and a blue container of blue blocks. I thought he would take the time to pour, count, line up etc. However, he decided he wanted to get the green container out, cheers with the containers, pretend to drink and then throw the bears across the room....yea...needless to say Mickey Mouse made an appearance while I nursed.

After that fail we had some outdoor play time which was great until he got a small splinter, and then he and Mckinlee both started screaming.  As predicted...they always scream while I am fixing lunch. We doctored Caleb's foot, washed hands, and I prepared lunch with a baby on my hip. I fed both of them, nursed Mckinlee, allowed Caleb to walk Bella on a leash (instant toddler entertainment), and then they were down for naps. 

So....he may not have learned a whole lot today, but my heart sure did melt watching him run around and be his crazy, fun, 2 year old self.  I am so thankful for my little babies and for the chance to "try" to teach them about the wonders of this world. 


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