Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scrub Scub Scrub

I have to admit that I love bath time with our children each night.  It is always a time when they are both happy, and just do the cutest little things.  Some nights we will bathe them individually, sometimes together, and hubby I usually trade off kids each night for some one on one time with them. 

Caleb is at the age where bath time is full out playtime.  He LOVES to catch the water running out of the faucet in a cup, pour it on himself and yell "wooo".  We even turn the faucet down to where it is running water very slowly, because the child basically has a heart attack if you turn the water off.  He loves to pour water from one cup to another, squirt us with toys, play with washcloths, his boat, and clean/bang on the tub.  He loves to snuggle if you take a bath with him, and he will help wash his face and body.  He also likes to sit in the tub until all the water is drained, and then he will wipe the tub with his washcloth for forever afterward. 

Mckinlee LOVES bath time.  She never really cried at all when we started giving her baths.  She loves to lay in the water and kick her legs, and she does not care at all when Caleb dumps water on her. He like to "help" bathe her, and actually does really well with only dumping water on her tummy.  He also likes to point to her eye/ear etc.  We always say "wash her belly" and he will "wash her feet" and he will.  It is so cute.  Of course he always has to throw about 12 million kisses in there as well. I love the fact that he loves her so much. 

I also love to take a bath with Mckinlee some nights as well.  I forgot how amazing it was to just lay and snuggle your baby when they are that little.  I will hold her in the water, and she will just stare at me.  Oh it melts my heart.  I sometimes give her night nursing session in the bath, and she is always so relaxed and will eat so well. 

Bath times are so special, and there is just something about a clean, pj'd baby that makes your heart go pitter patter.  I always sit and take in their sweet baby sent, and try to push it back into my furthest memory to always remember. 


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