Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Extraordinary Day....that didn't go as planned

Today was a GORGEOUS day.  A day that made you want to get out of bed, run outside, and take in the happiness of Spring.  It was a day that brought smiles even when things did not go as planned, and that made you long for the warm perfect days of Summer.

This morning we woke up in time to attend the second service of church.  We had not mastered this since Mckinlee arrived, and I was so excited that we made it out the door in time.  Once we arrived at church we dropped Caleb off in the nursery and headed to service.  Once the sermon began his number popped up on the screen, and when I arrived in the nursery he was really upset, so I just brought him in the service with us.  He was being very good, but then little miss started fussing because she was fighting her sleep. I stepped out, and apparently when I did Caleb broke down again.  Needless to say, we packed up our stuff, and decided to just go home.  At least we tried.  However, I did not let this get us down because it was BEAUTIFUL outside.

We decided to go home for lunch, and let the babies nap, and then we had a fun day planned.  After naps we planned to go see the Easter bunny, and then head to our favorite park for pictures and playtime.  We left our house once Caleb woke up from nap, and we headed to the mall.  We took both babies inside, only to discover that the bunny was on break for another 40 minutes.  We decided to just try again another day.  Well that was the second thing in our day that did not go as planned, but it was fine.

We headed to our favorite park which is about a 20 minute drive from our house, got the babies out of the car, and then I started to take pictures.  It was then that I discovered that I left my sim card at the house!!! I was so upset.  We decided to go back and get it, but just to go to another park.  Third thing that did not go as planned.

We got to the house, I ran in and grabbed the card, and we headed to the park close to my home.  Once we arrived there we noticed that the medieval fighters were back, and there was not a single parking spot.  UGHHH. Fourth thing that did not go as planned. At this point Caleb was screaming because he wanted out of the car, and Mckinlee was screaming because she was hungry. I climbed in the back and fed her a bottle of breast milk, and we decided to just travel once again to the original park.

So all in all things today did not go quite as planned, but it was a beautiful day regardless, and I had so much fun with my little family.  We even got some great pictures after all.  I hope your day was just as beautiful. 


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