Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mothers Intuition?

Today I had a crazy experience at nap time.  The babies were both sleeping, and so was I.  Mckinlee was beside me, and Caleb was in his pack n play in his room (since I have not transitioned him back to his toddler bed).  Anyway, I had a weird dream in which Caleb walked into my room after his nap, and I was surprised that he was out of his pack n play.  I asked him how he got out, and he walked me to his room, and the pack n play had toddler bed rails on it instead of the tall sides.  Weird dream, anyway it gets even weirder.

I started to hear Caleb mumble in his bed, and I was taking my time getting up because I was still pretty tired.  All of a sudden I heard a THUDDD and a Scream and his soccer goal (which is outside his pack n play) started talking.  I jumped up and ran in his room to find him laying on the floor crying.  HE CLIMBED OUT OF HIS PACK N PLAY AND BUMPED HIS HEAD!! I scooped him up and looked him over and over making sure he was okay.  Poor guy was scared to death as was I.  

After I calmed him down and got him some lunch I remembered my dream.  Mothers intuition? weird!!

Needless to say Caleb is back in his toddler bed as of tonight.  I can't have my baby falling onto the hard wood floors from his bed anymore :(. 

If you look close in the middle of his forehead you can see the pump knot starting to form :(.  


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Beth said...

Aww poor Caleb! I bet that hurt! We had to change jax's crib to a toddler bed cuz he did the same thing. Ah, little boys!