Monday, April 4, 2011

Caleb 20 Months

I have to admit that I have had a harder time with this whole 20 month thing.  I mean it seems so old.  20 whole months?? That is way to close to two for my comfort.  I mean seriously where did my itty bitty go, and why does he have to grow up so fast?  :(

I told you to say cheese and this is the face you made....hilarious 
Caleb at 20 months:

Eating:  You eat three meals and generally 2-3 snacks a day.  You have milk in the morning and at night, and usually juice mixed with water one time a day.  You love to open the fridge and point to the juice and say "juice".  You are getting more and more picky every day :(.

Sleeping: 9:30-9/10 am.  You are still in the pack n play because I have not tried to transition you back to your big boy bed yet.  Napping one time a day around 2-21/2 hours.  You generally go down around 12:30 or 1. 

Size: You are 27 lbs and 32".  You wear 18-24 month clothes, and you can still wear a size 4/5 shoe.  I bought you a pair of size 5 sandals and they do not fit because your foot is to wide.  It is a short chubby foot :).  You are wearing a size 4 diaper. 

Speech:  You are adding words to your vocabulary daily, but you are still not what I would call a "talker".  You will say a word when you feel like it, but you still mostly communicate with gestures and "uhhs".  You have learned to sign please and thank you this month.  You also sign more, all done, hurt, eat, your made up sign for binky and diaper change.

9/10 times this is what happens when I take the binky from you...

Exciting New Things:
  • You love to walk backwards and in circles now
  • You throw the ball and clap for yourself all the time.
  • You yell da anytime the phone rings and you yell da and run to the door anytime Bella barks.
  • You love to have tummy time with Mckinlee and claim all of her new toys as your own.
  • You love to draw with your new etch a sketch I got you. 
  • You clean up after yourself all the time now. I love this. You will finish an activity and 8 out of 10 times you will pick it up and put it back where you got it.
  • You love love love to play outside, and you can run through the back yard now :(.  When did you grow up?
  • Swinging and people watching are your favorite things to do at the park.
  • You hold my nipple shield to your boob when I breastfeed Mckinlee.
  • You pointed to a picture of a girls boob in a magazine and said "boob".  "Where is the boob" is now yours and daddys game to play.  Lovely....
  • You love to find your belly button.
  • You love the sit on the toilet and flip through magazines
  • Cartoons in the morning are still your favorite.
  • You grab the DVD remote when you want to watch your movie and hand it to me.
  •  You wave bye bye when cars pass the window and when you are going nite nite
  • You are really good at walking and holding my hand when we are out in public.
  • You moved up to the toddler classroom in the church nursery.  You fussed for a minute, but you had so much fun. You got to hear a story about Jesus, color a picture of Jesus and have a snack.
  • You are now going to library story time and you seemed to really enjoy it.
  • You love to play with magnets.
  • In the bath you like to pretend like you are putting the body wash on your hands, rub them together and then clean yourself.
  • When I take a bath with you, you always point for me to lay back and then you cuddle with me :).
  • You are still such a great big brother. You always run to Mckinlee and kiss her when she cries, and you are great at putting the binky back in her mouth without hurting her. 
  • You have a spray bottle that you follow me around the house with when I am cleaning. I will give you a paper towel and you will pretend to spray and wipe the table, floor, wall, toys etc etc.  You also like to sweep behind me with your broom, and help me "fold" laundry.  It takes me a little longer to get my chores done but I would not have it any other way. 
  • You have learned how to take your shoes off and also how to buckle them.

You are growing up way to fast sweet boy. I love you to pieces and I always will.



Beth said...

What a "cheese" face! Haha too cute! It is sad to see him growing so fast, but so fun and interesting to see him learn and change everyday! Love you all, miss you bunches!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, those shorts are the cutest! :)

Lyr said...

Where does the time go.... CAn't believe it. He is adorable.