Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Lately

I have to admit that this whole neglecting my blog thing is unintentional.  In fact, I hate it quite honestly.  I used to take pride in posting daily when Caleb was a baby, and I love all of the memories that I have captured through my posts.  However, life with 2 is a little different, and I find it hard to find the time to actually sit down and assemble a post. I mean as I type right now bundle is stirring in her swing, and I am quite sure that she is about to have a break down.  Posting when Caleb is awake is now impossible, because he has found a new love for the mouse, keyboard and computer, and God forbid you try to use either.  Therefore, I literally have two windows of time a day to post, nap and after Caleb goes to bed.  Nap time however, I well...nap, and after Caleb's bedtime I generally try to spend time with hubby. I am very thankful for all of you out there who still follow my one a week updated blog......oops I will be back in a bit bundle is sitting in my lap flopping around, and I just heard the binky hit the ground in lil mans room.......I will continue posting when I get a may be next week.....

I am attempting with Caleb awake and Mckinlee in the boppy to continue posting. I have distracted Caleb with Word Girl, a snack and his new etch a sketch I bought him.  Lets see how this goes.  I don't fully know what all this post is going to include. I do not have a crafty, funny blog post written up in my mind, but at least it will include pictures....which will make the gparents happy. 

Last week when it was FLORIDA weather in Ky we ventured to many parks.  I took both babes to the park like a champ, we even had a picnic one day.  I will say it once again thank God for my moby wrap and ring sling, and thank the Lord bundle likes them...I just refused to let Caleb in my lap to play on the computer and he didn't melt is a miracle. 

We also did a lot of cuddling, and getting used to the idea of the "potty".  Caleb grabs his diaper now when he poops, and the other night I asked him where his pee pee was and he pointed to the potty.  Wow.  I don't really know if I am ready for potty training. 

We have attended a lot of play groups.

We have also started floor, and tummy time play. Caleb likes to join in.

I have to admit life in pretty ordinary, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

PS I just finished a post with both my children awake.  YES!!!


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