Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Brother

Caleb was able to meet Mckinlee the day after I had her.  His meemaw brought him to the hospital, and he was oh so precious when he arrived.  They had stopped at the gift shop, bought big brother and littler sister
t-shirts, a big brother book, a balloon from Caleb to Mckinlee, and Caleb picked out a stuffed lion for her.  He walked into our room and just had the cutest little expression on his face.  I love his little faces.  Nick scooped him up and brought him to my bed to meet his baby sister. He smiled at her, and gave one kiss, but did not seem to interested at all. 

He was however interested in goldfish, mama's lunch, and all the exciting aspects of the hospital room.  Nick's mama left to go pick up his sister, and she left Caleb with us. Nick and I looked at the babies, looked at each other, and said "Oh my we actual have TWO kids".  Chasing Caleb around the hospital room, trying to keep him from eating dirty gold fish off the floor, and nursing the baby definitely broke us into how life is going to be. 

Trying on Mckinlee's hospital cap

Since we have been home Caleb has done okay with her.  He mostly does not pay attention to her unless Nick is holding her. I think he has claimed Nick as his own since I am nursing the baby and he sees me with her a lot.  Some cute things I wanna remember...
  • He lifts up the fabric on her bassinet to stare in the mesh area and laughs.
  • He rocks her car seat and smiles at her.
  • He wants to lay in her boppy.
  • The other day I brought him inside from the car first and I was going to get Mckinlee.  He started crying as soon as we got in the door, and he was reaching for the car.  As soon as I brought  lil miss in he started smiling and laughing. It was like he had to remind me she was there.
He has had a few jealousy issues. Mostly concerning Nick.  He gets upset right now if we tell him to hold on for a minute, even if we do not have the baby in our arms. He will run to a corner and pout. He is also having a hard time going down for naps. Not sure what is up with this but it is enough to make my hormone levels fly out of the roof.  We are giving him lots of extra loving, taking turns playing with him, and allowing him to hold Mckinlee whenever he wants.  It is definitely an adjustment period but he is already such a great big brother.

Here is a video to melt your heart



Lyr said...

I love this and I love that you took pictures. So awesome!

Michelle said...

That video melted my heart, for sure! Congrats on your new baby girl!! We just found out I'm pregnant again, and I asked my two-year-old if she'd be interested in having a baby bro or sis. NO! But then she thought for a moment, smiled, and said she MAYBE wouldn't mind having a Sister Joy like on SuperWhy. :) So I s'pose we're in trouble if I have a boy. ;)

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