Friday, February 4, 2011

37 Weeks

Still no bundle...I have to admit that the doctors had me all kinds of excited last week. I mean I honestly thought I would go into labor before my appointment this week.  However, the appointment came and went, and bundle is still taking permanent residence in my womb. :(.  I'm kind of ready to meet her I am not going to lie.

When I arrived at my appointment this week with Caleb in tow the waiting room was PACKED.  I was for sure we would be there for forever, and so I began preparing Caleb for a long wait.  Of course he was to entertained sitting in his own seat, and flirting with a pregnant woman across from us to really care.  They began calling mamas back for urine samples, and then they would have them come back to the waiting room to sit.  When they called my name I assumed that was what they were going to do with me as well.  However, I literally waited for about 5 minutes, they called me back, and they took me straight to an exam room. The nurse looked at my chart and said "You haven't gone into labor yet??".  I guess they rushed me back thinking I was a ticking time bomb.  Anyway, they weighed me (total weight gain 23 lbs), took my blood pressure, and checked me.  I am the same as last week :(. 3 centimeters and about 80-85% effaced.  I bled again, and the doctor said I should still go before my 38th week, but that we will just have to wait and see.  Ughhh. 

I am still cramping a lot at night, and I feel as though bundle is pushing down constantly.  I feel pressure all day every day.  I was a hormonal mess yesterday.  I went through so many highs and lows that hubby and I had to laugh about it last night.  My post last night with old pics of Caleb sent me over the edge, because he is 18 months old today, and he growing way to fast. I literally tried to avoid all phone conversations yesterday because I was so hormonal that the smallest statement would make me almost loose it.  Ughh.  I am better today, but I was kind of hoping that all those hormonal waves would send me into labor. 

So, I read last night in What to Expect that I have actually already completed the early stage of labor.  This goes to 3 centimeters.  WOW.  So now it is just a question as to when real labor will begin.

I think this is my plan...If I do not go before my appointment Wed, I am going to ask the doctor if he will go ahead and strip my membranes.  I am so far along in dialation, that I hope he will be okay with doing this a week early.  At that appointment I want to go ahead and schedule an induction just incase the stripping does not work.  As much as I want to naturally go into labor with lil miss and experience that, I do not want to go past my due date. In fact it is not an option.  I am just ready to meet her if you can not tell :).  Oh and I am done being prego. I am excited to be able to move, breathe, and play with lil man again like normal..but I still have my fears of labor and delivery. 

Here is a pic of us at 37 weeks....hopefully this will be the last belly pic.....we shall see....she may be stubborn like her mama.....


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Lea Liz said...

I bet you are getting so excitied, she will be here before you know it!!!! Crossing my fingers you go into labor this week!:)