Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Tidbits of Info

Hello all (if anyone is still out there reading). Sorry about the neglect of my blog.  I am still adapting to life with 2 under 2.  I have so many posts that I want to do, but honestly I never have the time.  I basically sleep when Caleb naps (the time I used to blog), and late at night I want to do nothing more than sleep.  So, trying to find the time to sit and do a blog post has been almost impossible.  However, I have been keeping up with you all.  Nightime nursing sessions, my iphone, and blog hopping has become a ritual.  It helps keep me awake so poor Mckinlee can eat.  This post is going to be random, and it is just basically for my memories.  Feel free to read, but I can't promise that it is going to be all that exciting :).
  • Bundle now weighs 6 13.5 YAY!! We passed birth weight.
  • She is still wearing mostly all newborns, but she has fit into a few 0-3 months.
  • She is waking up at 4 am, 6 am, and then 8 or 9 am each night to eat. 
  • She is sleeping in her bassinet now, and actually likes sleeping on her back now.
  • She has taken a liking to the binky (YES!!).
  • Caleb loves to hold her all the time now, and he gets upset if we do not give her to him right when he wants.
  • He loves to pat her back and kiss her head.
  • He gets a little jealous sometimes when I put her in the bouncy or the swing because he has claimed them as his own.
  • He lets Nick hold her now.
  • Caleb is finally napping again from about 12:30 or 1-2/2:30. 


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