Saturday, February 5, 2011

Caleb 18 Months

Sweet boy you turned 18 months yesterday.  The day that has been in my mind for the past 8 months.  You are now a whole year and 1/2 old, and you are the age you will be when you become a big brother.  Wow.  I can't believe we are here.  I am trying to take in every moment with you, and I am also reflecting on our year 1/2 or life together.  I know you will not remember the time when it was just the three of us, and this saddens me in a way.  I want you to realize how loved you are.  I want you to know how daddy and I will literally just sit and watch you play or sleep or breathe for hours, and will tell each other how amazing you are.  I want you to understand that you literally are our world.  This will not change once baby sister arrives, but I know that it will never be the same.  We will still love you just as much and our love will only grow with the arrival of your sister, but it will never again be just the three of us.  I am so thankful for this blog, and for the memories that I have recorded. I hope that one day you will look back on this time of our lives, and understand what an impact you have made on our hearts.  I wish beyond wish that you could remember our morning snuggles (you always roll to my side and basically push me off the bed, but I do not mind).  I wish you could remember how you run up to us and we lift you in our arms and hug you so tight. I wish you would be able to remember our play dates, our days around the house, how you snuggle so well when you do not feel good etc etc etc.  I am so thankful to God for this time that he has given us with just you, and I am so excited for the future days as well. I love you so much my little 18 month old boy.

At 18 months you are:

Sleeping: In your toddler bed. You have been sick a lot this month so you have spent a lot of time in our bed.  You occasionally try to get out of your toddler bed, but you just come to the door of your room, knock, whine a little, and then you go and lay back down.  You still go to bed around 9:30 and wake up around 8.  You come to our bed in the morning to snuggle and drink your milk. You are taking 1-2 naps a day. Depending on what we have going on that day.

Eating:  You are becoming more and more picky.  Things you used to love you now will not touch. I am having to sneak veggies in meals, and you are picky about what fruit you will eat now.  Oh toddler hood.

Size: You did weight 25 but you lost 1 lb when you were sick.  I know you have gotten a lot taller, but I am not sure how tall you are right now. You are still wearing 18-24 month clothing and size 4 shoes.  You are also still in a size 4 diaper.  You have thinned out a lot!

Speech:  New words you said this month S***, shut, juice.  You still do not really talk.

Exciting New Things:
  • You pick up on signs so quickly now.  You learned please and thank you in a day.  You are good about signing "more" when you want to eat, and you also sign "all done" all the time.  You can sign diaper change and hurt as well, but you do not always do these. 
  • You literally understand everything.  I am amazed daily by the words you understand.  Heater was one of the most surprising to me.  I asked you to come with me to start your heater for bed, and you ran to it, bent down, put your hands in front of it and blew.  :).  So cute.
  • You blow on all your food now.
  • You chase Bella all around the house.
  • You run to the door when I say dada is home, and you watch the big truck drive away when he leaves in the morning.
  • You love to stand on our bed and look out the window at the doggies.
  • You are finally overcoming sickness. 
  • You have 10 teeth now.  2 of your molars came in this month.
  • You are still into separation anxiety but you are getting better.
  • At play groups when you want me you will always come up to me and back up into my lap and sit down.
  • You can put your own hat on.
  • You like to walk into the house beside me now instead of being carried.
  • You like to try to brush the pretty babies teeth in the mirror
  • You love to help fold laundry, and sweep the floors.
  • You walk in circles a lot now.
  • You are in desperate need of your next haircut
  • You sit at a big boy table to eat at home now
  • You generally sit in a booster seat at a restaurant now

Love you sweet boy!!

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