Monday, February 14, 2011

Coming Home

I am so far behind on recording Mckinlee's first week with us.  Bare with me as I slowly but surely get everything posted.  Life is a little different with two kids. I am currently enduring day ONE as a full time mama of two all by myself. Hubby returned to work, and I have been trying to get little man to go down for a nap for over an hour now.  I seriously feel like I am sleep training him again.  I am currently going Super Nanny style, (he gets up, I put him back in bed, he gets up, I put him back in bed repeat repeat repeat...) I'll be sure to let you know when it actually works.  Ughh.  So much for my nap today.  If only he would nap he would realize that I have super fun crafts for him to do after nap.  Pray for me bloggy friends. 

Anyway, back to the point of this post.  Bringing bundle home.  We stayed at the hospital two nights. Basically because by the time we would have been discharged the day after her birth it would have been 8 or 9 at night. No thanks.  So we decided to stay the extra night.  The second night in the hospital she did not sleep at all.  She nursed basically the entire night, and she only wanted mama.  There was nothing dada could do to help.  Needless to say, come morning I was EXHAUSTED.  I mean the type of exhausted that causes a hormonal mama to cry at the drop of a hat, and to repeat over and over again how tired she is.  Thankfully, bundle was willing to go to dada come morning, and I was able to get an hour of much interuppted sleep (you can not sleep in a hospital).  I did pull together enough energy to shower, but goodness knows I was not about to get myself fixed up.  In fact I sported the wonderful mama underwear with sweats and let me just say my panty lines were horrific.  Oh well, my excuse "I just had  a baby". 

The nurses brought all our paper work in, and told us we were good to go, and that we just had to wait on a wheel chair.  Well, we waited and waited and waited and waited.  We waited at least a good hour.  We were so frustrated because we were so ready to get out of there.  We took the time to take some pictures of our sweet little miss.  Notice how all of her clothes are HUGE on her. She is so little.  Newborn outfits swallow her up.  However, I thought she looked pretty darn darling anyway. 

After the wheelchair finally came we traveled to pic the big bro up from Nick's parents house.  He of course was more interested in laying on dada's lap than looking at the baby. After a quick nursing session, we headed home, and it was oh so marvelous to be there as our little family of four.  I think that is when it really hit Nick and I that we now have two children.  However, they look pretty darn cute laying on their dada's chest. 


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Amelia said...

I LOVE her going home outfit! I hope you are doing well Sarah!