Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Waiting for Declan

This pretty mama in this picture with me is in labor!!!!

I recieved a text last night at 1:30 am letting me know her water broke.  I am so excited for her and Dan, and sad at the same time that they live so far away :(.  It is hard having a  best friend go through such a life changing experience and know that you have to share in the joy from so far away! However, I am praying hard and anxiously awaiting any news of little Declan's arrival.  Mealy is planning on going all natural, and if anyone can handle it she can!!

So excited for you Mealy.  This is the day that will change your life forever.  You will experience a love to great to describe!! Take in the newborn cuddles, sleep when he sleeps, and do not feel as though the house has to be perfect (like I did).  Those newborn cuddles are more important than dusting.  I love you so much and  I can't wait to see pics of my new little nephew!!

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